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Conquering Backgammon: The Path to Advanced Play by Ed Rosenblum (2015)

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280 Pages; Hardcover; Published by Thomson-Shore; 1st edition (2015); English

Backgammon has evolved. Conquering Backgammon: The Path to Advanced Play by Ed Rosenblum presents the the most up-to-date computer validated strategies, tactics, and solutions to take you from beginning through advanced play using full-color illustrations to guide your trip.

Two volumes are contained in this one book.

Volume 1 gives you tools to create “luck”. When your opponent says you were lucky, simply smile and say, “Thank you.” It is for beginning and intermediate players and teaches: checker movement; probability; strategies for creating builders, anchors, and primes; the opening moves; how to double; how to count the race; end game strategies; and includes an annotated sample game.

Volume 2 elevates your game towards club and tournament play. You will learn about: equity; game plans; tactics like distraction, pay now or pay later, duplication and slotting; enhanced cube play; intricacies of the score – how it applies to match play & take points; and challenging positions to test your comprehension.

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1 review for Conquering Backgammon: The Path to Advanced Play by Ed Rosenblum (2015)

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    5 out of 5


    Backgammon Giant John O’Hagan states, “CBG is both a student and teacher’s textbook. The stitched hardcover full-color presentation is designed for long-term repeated reference. The inside flaps contain numerous tables and formulas that the student can access easily and repeatedly. Chapter and sub-chapter topics are shown within each page’s header to help the reader find specific information. Each concept is supported by numerous examples. For example, “Board Strength” contains eight examples, presented in increasing order of difficulty. Also, throughout CBG, subtle differences in position or score are presented to emphasize the underlying concepts and demonstrate how they affect the correct play.” — PrimeTime Backgammon Magazine

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