PrimeTime BG Winter 2019

Cover-Winter-thumbOur Winter issue is one of our very best. We have great feature articles: a brilliant analysis of the 2018 Michi­gan Masters final (Mamlet vs. O’Laughlin) from top players, theoreticians, and authors Nack Ballard and Paul Weaver; an interview of Tournament of Champions winner Adam Prager (by Karen Davis) along with analysis of his final match against Jaime Obregón (by Marty Storer); and an interview of American star Jason Pack by the Greek VICE News in which Jason gives a fascinating report of his experiences in Monte Carlo last year, and analyzes positions that were part of his great successes there.

On the lighter side, Minnesota novice Christina Suter Elias provides rollicking entertainment with chronicles of her adventures as she battles Fate to travel to her first tournament: Wisconsin 2018.

Not only that, we have introduced three regular features! The ever-witty, ever-insightful Giant and ABT star Ray Fogerlund kicks off his blog, Ray’s Instant Replays (also available via the USBGF website) in which he relives his experiences on the circuit. Art Benjamin, the USBGF’s genial Mathemagician, gives us his first Math Overboard column with a quick and easy explanation of the power of triangular numbers. And Rich Munitz, chairman of the USBGF Board’s Rules Committee, inaugurates What’s the Ruling?—the USBGF Rules in action, covered lucidly and in depth. Reaching for the cube, is my opponent committed or just thinking? Read the column and find out.

And then, tournament reports. Bill Riles outdoes himself with thorough coverage of the Cyprus Merit Open: a huge, prestigious extravaganza held in a breathtakingly beautiful and desirable venue, organized and run to perfection under the guiding hand of Arda Findikoglu. With USBGF Vice President Tara Mendicino, Bill also reports (Parting Shots) on backgammon-related travels in some lovely corners of England. Check out all the photos!

Veteran organizers Carol Joy Cole and Karen Davis recap the big Michigan Summer Championships held in July, and Karen covers her own baby, the successful Sunny Florida tournament in Fort Lauderdale. These events are not to be missed.

On the serious, but exciting side, USBGF Board Chairman Joe Russell gives us a rundown of ongoing international cooperation between the USBGF, Europe/WBF, and Japan. We hope that backgammon will take over the world! As if that weren’t enough, President and Executive Director Karen Davis gives her usual detailed report of USBGF business: plans, goals, finances, and progress metrics. We are doing our part to grow this game, step by step!

Again we name and thank our Founding Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, and Prime Benefactors, who do so much for our fed­eration and for backgammon. And of course, we have the gamut of results and upcoming tournaments, as well as featuring local club players of the year.

Finally, we want to inform you that we’ve changed our position diagram format. We were inspired by Nack Ballard and Paul Weaver, who requested that their article be formatted like their great book, Backgam­mon Openings. Thanks to their help, and to our hard-working Production Editor, Tara Mendicino, we have been able to grant their request and extend it going forward, simplifying our presentation and likely realizing a page-count savings of about 10%. Your feedback on the new format is welcome and desired.

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  1. Barry Murphy says:

    Sorry, I hadn’t finished the article when I posted that. Please disregard.

  2. Barry Murphy says:

    Hello, I’m looking at the match analysis of Mamlet and O’Laughlin. I noticed the score is 11 away/7 away for game 2 and 6 away/6 away for game 3. This doesn’t make sense. What was the actual score at game 3?

    Thank you,
    Barry Murphy

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