PrimeTime BG Spring 2019

Cover-Spring-thumbThe Spring issue is chock full of fine content. We have interviews: Steve Sax, the great and popular player recently inducted into the Backgammon Hall of Fame at the Texas Championships, tells us of his life and times with the help of our historian Bob Stoller. Bob also interviews our latest corporate sponsor, Gammon Guys: Ross Gordon, Ed Corey, and Andrew Fazekas, who treat us to the fascinating story of their rise to U.S. backgammon fame, both as sellers of Artgammon equipment and as ABT directors and organizers. Karen Davis interviews Scott Ward, proud winner of the fourth online Director’s Cup tournament, and Marty Storer analyzes positions from his final match against Norm Friedman. With the help of two-time #1 Giant Wilcox Snellings, Marty also shares tips in an article on how to improve your game.

This month’s regular features keep pace with past issues. Art Benjamin’s Math Overboard column introduces the Rule of 17, an easy way to count double shots. Rich Munitz’s What’s the Ruling? thoroughly and entertainingly covers the rules about foreign-language conversations during tournaments.

We also have tributes. The top player Falafel Natanzon, and eXtreme Gammon’s author, Xavier Dufaure de Citres, have received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the USBGF, and we detail their accomplishments. Sadly, Steve Brown has passed away, and his friends Dana Nazarian and Christina Suter Elias share their memories of this wonderful person who also had an impressive backgammon career spanning many years.

As for tournament reports, Bill Riles outdoes himself yet again with his coverage of this year’s Texas Backgammon Championships: always one of the ABT’s highlights, with each year’s event surpassing the last. This time, innovative streaming and commentary was just one of many things the participants loved.

Karen Davis gives us a thorough rundown on another crown jewel ABT tournament, the NY Metro run by Lynn Ehrlich. Both tournaments were hugely successful, incidentally providing a store of recorded material for future analysis-including Karen’s own Super Jackpot final in New York against Britain’s Sebastian Wilkinson, and some exciting DMP games from San Antonio.

Karen, USBGF’s President and Executive Director, presents detailed information about the Federation’s ongoing successes in growing our game by supporting local clubs. Social media has been a big help. Check out this article to get the latest on the Local Club Initiative, and to see what’s going on at a club near you.

Of course, we have tournament results, both live and online, and we list our much-appreciated Founding Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, and Prime Benefactors. Details of upcoming tournaments round the issue out.

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