PrimeTime BG Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon

By Marty Storer, Deputy Managing Editor

The induction of new members into he American Backgammon Hall of Fame is one of those events that our community looks forward to and enjoys. We are pleased, in this Spring issue of the magazine, to offer a transcript of the speeches made at the Awards Dinner in San Antonio in February, along with brief tributes to this year’s honorees: Hall of Famers Ray Fogerlund, Joe Russell, and Mike Svobodny, and Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Louise Goldsmith and Norm Wiggins.

David Presser and Igor Erovenko treat us to another of their series of fine articles, this time exploring the nuances of checker play after an opening cube in a classic double 3s blitz. For novice players, Steve Sax provides them with an insightful overview of basic strategy, explaining that choosing the right move is as easy as 1-2-3.

Bill Riles and Karen Davis provide coverage and great photos from the New York Metro Open in January (record attendance!) and the Texas Backgammon Championships in February.

Also in this issue, Phil Simborg interviews Tom Buckner, a USBGF Founding Sponsor, backgammon enthusiast and philanthropist, and the genius behind the line of P-40 backgammon boards and equipment. The tremendous attention to detail and attention to customer feedback that are hallmarks of Tom’s work ethic are a marvel to contemplate, and confirm that the goal he set for himself was no trivial one. Beautifully designed and engineered, P-40 boards have quickly become the equipment of choice on the American backgammon scene.

An interview by Karen Davis of Charles Ziegler, a teacher who includes backgammon in a mind-games course he teaches at a Montessori high school in Houston, provides insight into the social value of backgammon. So highly does Ziegler judge the educational benefits of backgammon that he enrolled all of his students in the USBGF in January; which, incidentally, pushed our membership over the 1000 mark!

In yet another interview, Online Circuit winner Rodryk Schönfeld from Germany tells us how he has worked to improve his game through lessons, study, and online and live competition.

In January, the U.S. Backgammon Federation Board of Directors elected Joe Russell as Chairman, Karen Davis as President and Executive Director, Dorn Bishop as Vice Chairman and Secretary, and Bill Riles as Treasurer. Joe and Karen share their vision for the game and the Federation in overviews they have contributed to this issue.

Check out the latest statistics and upcoming events and work on moving up in the rankings list in 2017. Get in the Game!

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