PrimeTime BG Fall 2019

Our current issue has some of everything. Our feature articles are led by Bill Riles’s deep, entertaining, and detailed story of Jonah Seewald’s roller-coaster ride to victory this year in San Antonio. Wilcox Snellings returns to our pages to recap the Monte Carlo World Championship: his experiences and reminiscences, plus fantastic analysis of positions from the final matches between runner-up Petko Kostadinov and newly crowned champion Eli Roymi. Albert Steg gives us another thorough openings article, this time on how to follow up an opening 65.

We have a rollicking report on the L.A. Open, as well as Director Candace Mayeron’s profile of Eli Karp, the rising young star who showed up and won the USBGF National Championship West. Looking back 40 years, our historian Bob Stoller tells us all about the 1979 ITT Team Championship, a landmark event that featured the era’s leading lights of Europe and the USA. In a more personal vein, Ramez Abi-Akar, of the Peoria club, shares the tale of his international backgammon journey, with deep roots in his native land of Lebanon where the game has a rich history and tradition.

John O’Hagan, long-time Giant of Backgammon, insightfully reviews the recent and popular books by fellow Giant Michy Kageyama and co-author Roland Herrera: Opening Concepts and Endgame Technique. Mathemagician Art Benjamin reaches into his overflowing bag of tricks and pulls out a few to help count pips quickly and accurately. And Rich Munitz explains the rules for situations where it may be unclear whether a player has hit, reminding us to be careful when shuffling checkers!

President Karen Davis gives a rundown of the Federation’s latest efforts to grow the game through innovation. This includes next year’s elevation of the USBGF National Championship to a prime ABT event, through a generously donated prize fund. Besides detailing other ABT-level efforts, Karen tells how we’re cooperating with the World Backgammon Federation and the World Backgammon Internet Federation to field teams in international competitions. She covers the latest enhancements to streaming and expert commentary, as well as grass-roots activities: the Grunwald Newcomer Fund and the Local Club Initiative. And she introduces John Pirner as the newest member of the Board of Directors, giving us a detailed profile; he brings a lot to our table, to say the least. John will run in the upcoming Board of Directors election.

See the latest live and online tournament results, as well as our growing list of Founding Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, and Prime Benefactors, to whom we owe a great debt. And check out the calendar of exciting tournaments coming up.

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  1. armin hedayati says:

    I have reached a formula for calculating number of good dice in some bear off positions. Who should I ask if it could be published on “USBGF Site” or “Prime Time”?

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