President’s Membership Challenge

Bill Riles

Bill Riles

President and Executive Director
U.S. Backgammon Federation


I’m pleased to announce the President’s Membership Challenge initiative. To increase membership I encourage every member to take the time and to make the bit of effort to recruit at least one new member. You may find new members everywhere: family, friends, local clubs, on-line servers you may frequent, and more. You might consider giving a friend, family member, or club director a membership as a holiday gift. Newly recruited members should register their ‘recruiter’ in the registration process. New members may then also participate in this initiative by recruiting new members of their own.

From December 1, 2013 through February 28, 2014, the member who is credited with signing up the most new members will receive a new USBGF Crisloid backgammon board. All other members who are credited with signing up at least one new member or getting someone whose membership has expired to renew will enter a random drawing for another USBGF Crisloid backgammon board. Members of the Board of Directors, officers, staff, and contractors are not eligible for the prizes; however, they are also challenged to recruit one or more new members./

To show my commitment and appreciation for your efforts, I will upgrade my Founding Sponsor level to the Gold level if members sign up at least one hundred new members during the initiative. This should be quite easy to do — if every member signs up only one new member we would gain in excess of six hundred new members.

“Get Into the Game — Become a Member”

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