Pitting the Best Against the Best

Highlights of the first USBGF Online Match (OLM) lead off the current May-June 2013 issue of PrimeTime Backgammon. This OLM, first in a series inaugurated by Jason Lee, features USBGF members voting on checker plays and cube decisions in a match against the all-time American Backgammon Tour leader, Neil Kazaross. The first 11-point match was won by USBGF members, even though Neil’s inhumanly low Performance Rating (PR) of 0.18 far surpassed a still impressive 3.63 PR by USBGF members. Marty Storer, USBGF Editor for Annotated Matches, analyzes 11 of the most interesting positions. The second Online Match is underway–if you haven’t joined in the fun, start now!

Gus Hansen and the Danish Team vs. “Falafel” Natanzon and the World Team.

Gus Hansen plays for the Danish Team against “Falafel” Natanzon and the World Team. (photo courtesy of Paul Weaver)

The mighty Danes have again challenged the rest of the world in the World Team vs. Denmark event held in connection with the Nordic Open. The Danish team has won three of the four years the competition has been held, including this year when it won 37—36 at Double Match Point in the consulting team event. The World Team jumped to a 12—1 lead before losing at DMP. Paul Weaver analyzes nine positions, and contrasts the right decision At the Score with what would be best in a money game or unlimited match.

Kit Woolsey, one of backgammon’s finest authors, and master of the doubling cube, launches a new column, To Double or Not to Double, in this issue of the magazine.

Bob Wachtel covers the Cannes tournament, complete with analysis of several interesting positions he faced. He also captures the glamour and atmosphere that make the Riviera appealing at any time of the year.

And there’s lots more in this issue of the magazine. Alfred Mamlet and John Klein, winners of the January 2013 and December 2012 USBGF Monthly Circuit tournaments provide insight into how they have systematically gone about taking their game to a new level.

This issue also reports on a Mind Games event at the new Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York City, where Jason Lee and Bob Koca explained the mathematics of backgammon to captivated attendees, and where veteran backgammon players from the New York metropolitan area played matches with those new to the game. Richard Munitz treated them all to a thrilling game against the brother of a MoMath employee–a game whose exciting finish demonstrated how players can win or lose at the whim of the dice gods.

Check out the latest USBGF Online Leader Board, with the top-ten ranked players by Elo rating, showing win-loss records and USBGF online tournaments won. If you haven’t played in an online tourney yet, sign up now for fun and fame. And start organizing a team to play in the upcoming USBGF National Club Team Championship–details coming soon.

We encourage players in live ABT tournaments at every level to check out their ratings and stats on the complete USBGF Player Standings list, and the updated Leader Board prepared by Barry Silliman, USBGF Rankings Editor, with ABT rankings as of May 10, 2013, and USBGF Elo ratings for Open, Advanced, and Novice divisions based on ABT/USBGF tournament play since 2009 through May 10, 2013.

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