Online Match Series Expert Panel — Come Join the Fun!

We’re delighted to announce the USBGF Online Match Series Expert Panel which will provide commentary on members’ decisions in the USBGF Members versus All-Time American Backgammon Tour leader Neil Kazaross. The members of the Expert Panel include:
·         Grant Hoffman – see the profile of Grant in the Summer 2017 issue of PrimeTime Backgammon. He’s reinvigorated the backgammon scene in New Zealand and has to his credit not only multiple Championship wins in the New Zealand Championship and the Australia Open, but tied for second in his first foray in the ABT at the 2017 Chicago Open Championship with a win-loss record of 8-3 in the Swiss format event, and winning the After Tournament of 16 players.
·         Steve Sax – Steve is the #9 rated Giant of Backgammon, and a BMAB ranked Grandmaster Class Two.  He has won 24 titles over the years including ABT main events or consolations, jackpots, and club championships. He won the 2017 Cherry Blossom Jackpot, is a three-time winner of Gammon Associates ABT tournaments, was a finalist in the Dual-Duel event at the 4th Texas Backgammon Championships in February 2016. Steve has been voted to the “Giants of Backgammon” list seven consecutive times beginning in 2001. In 2002, he was the ABT Player of the Year. Steve is a prolific author and first-rate photographer – check out his articles in PrimeTime Backgammon.
·         Paul Weaver — Paul is currently ranked #17 on the Giants of Backgammon list. He has been awarded Grandmaster Class 3 status by the Backgammon Masters Awarding Body. He is one of only seven who have been on all twelve biennial Giants lists since they began in 1993. With Nack Ballard, Paul co-authored the ground-breaking work on opening theory, “Backgammon Openings, Book A,” published in 2007. He is a frequent contributor to the USBGF PrimeTime Backgammon magazine.

The Online Match Series, where members vote on plays against the All-time American Backgammon Tour champion Neil Kazaross, is one of the great benefits of USBGF Membership. The record to date is Neil Kazaross 3 – USBGF Members 3.  If you haven’t joined in, now is a great time to start participating. Match #7 has just started. Positions are posted every couple of days, members vote, the votes are tallied with majority rule, and commentary follows from a member of our Expert Panel.

The USBGF will offer a prize to one lucky participant of the current match of the USBGF OLM.  The winner will receive a $50 USBGF BG shop credit or a one-year extension of their Premium membership (winner’s choice).  At the conclusion of the match, we’ll select a winner at random from the participants.  Each person will be weighted in the random drawing according to how many times they submitted a (legal!) move in the match.  The more often you vote, the better your chances are!

We’re grateful to Mary Hickey, noted backgammon author and two-time U.S. Open Winner (2010, 2011), who has most recently served as Guest Expert, and to Jason Lee who serves as Online Match Series editor.

If at any time, you’d like to vote on the current move in the USBGF OLM, just go to and find the most recent “USBGF OLM” link in the “What’s New” section at the top of the page.  All Premium, Novice, and Basic members of the USBGF are eligible to vote.

To get on the list for notification of each new position up for voting, either vote and check the box at the bottom of the page, or drop an email to Jason Lee at USBGF OLM Editor. If you have any questions, do send an e-mail.

Come join the fun! Get in the Game!

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