New Online USBGF Premium ABT Jackpot!

We are pleased to announce a new free online tournament for Premium and Founding Sponsor members, the USBBGF Premium ABT Jackpot #1. First place prize is a free entry to an ABT tournament of the winner’s choice in 2019 or 2020. Second place finalist receives half the entry to an ABT tournament of the finalist’s choice in 2019 or 2020. The entry fee applies to any Main division event (Championship/Open or Advanced/Intermediate). It does not include registration or hospitality fee.

The tournament format will consist of single-elimination, 128-player brackets. All early rounds will be 13 points in length. The semi-final will be 15 points, and the championship final will be 17 points. Match logs will be required at the time of reporting. The tournament will start as soon as the 128-player bracket has been filled.

If you are not currently a USBGF Premium member, take advantage of a special membership promotion of 10% off on one-year and three-year memberships — $54 for one year and $135 for three years. Check out becoming a Founding Sponsor through easy recurring monthly payments.

The USBBGF Premium ABT Jackpot #1 will be played on Backgammon Studio, Backgammon Galaxy, GridGammon, GammonSite, or Safe Harbor Games.

The tournament is directed by Tara Mendicino and Jeff Proctor.

For additional tournaments in registration, including FTH Blitzes, Founding Sponsor Jackpots, Masters, Advanced, and Intermediate Divisional events, Monthly Circuit, Women’s Circuit, and Membership Blitz events, please see our Online Circuit tournament calendar.

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