Myra is representing the Colorada Backgammon Club in the Inter-Club Championships.  She graciously shared the following about herself and backgammon.

I lived to play games when I was young and had played backgammon a couple times. Forward 30 years and I started playing online on a site called “play65” (I have no clue what compelled me), I got a virus in my computer. My tech guy fixed it and said it was from “play65”. I thought, hmmmm, there must be people who play live, so I googled it and found the Colorado Backgammon Club! That was 2009 and I’ve been playing regularly ever since. I really like to play and find it interesting that people who have played for many years and are excellent players continue to learn and grow since there is a lot to the game. I also married a backgammon player, Ed Gazvoda, who plays with Colorado Backgammon Club too.


Points of Interest:


USBGF Nemesis  (no USBGF wins): Michelle Martinez

USBGF Plaything  (no USBGF losses): Parker McClure

[This is the next in a series of 22 Player Profiles for the USBGF representatives of their local clubs in the USBGF Inter-Club Championships. We will be posting one profile per day throughout the course of the tournament as a way of recognizing the USBGF players and promoting their local clubs.]

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