Membership Vote – USBGF By-Laws – Cast your vote no later than 11:59 PM EDT Monday, May 15!

The USBGF Board of Directors proposes a revision to the existing By-Laws to permit the Chairman to vote on all matters before the Board. Specifically, the USBGF Board of Directors recommends revising the existing By-Laws of the organization to allow for the Chairman of the Board to cast a vote on all motions, and to require approval by at least a majority of voting Board members. Under the current By-Laws, the Chairman may cast a vote only in the event of a tie.

To vote, you must go to: You must first, as a member, log into the USBGF website to vote. Links on the ballot page will allow your review and consideration of the existing By-Laws and the proposed revised By-Laws.

The Board recommends your approval of the By-Laws revisions. Technical questions on registration and/or voting should be directed to Tara Mendicino. Questions or comments on the By-Laws can be posted on the USBGF forum on this website (we will monitor it frequently) or directed to me, Karen Davis.

Regards and best wishes,
Karen Davis
President and Executive Director

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