Lynn Ehrlich brings home the added money in NYC Prime Local Club Initiative

Congratulations to Lynn Ehrlich for winning the NYC Local Club Prime Initiative added money on January 9, 2018!

In addition to winning the USBGF added money Lynn will now represent NYC in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018. 
The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

Comments from event director Rich Munitz:

The NYC Backgammon tournament last night was a tremendous success that exceeded my wildest expectations. We had 44 entries, with about half of them being USBGF members! It was insane and something of a miracle that I pulled it off roughly on schedule. We were short tables and boards and I only had a 32-draw bracket, never in a million years expecting to have more players starting in the round of 64 than 32.

I think we got 6 new members as a result of this promotion. Probably most of them joined at the Novice/Youth level, but regardless, still a great result.

Our club winner was Lynn Ehrlich and finalist was Rich Schulz – both USBGF members. They wound up splitti

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