Jeff Spencer

Jeff Spencer

Known to those closest to him as “evil incarnate”, he is as clever as the devil but twice as pretty. This Minnesota homegrown prince of darkness recently deployed his dark arts and 45 years of backgammon training to win the advanced division of the 2017 Wisconsin State Championships. He was part of the Minnesota wave that took Wisconsin by storm. Taking Jeff’s lead, the Twin Cites Backgammon Club placed first in every event at that tournament. This cherubic-looking fiend also had a good showing at the first Viking Backgammon Classic in 2017, winning the Gammon Stuff board event and cashing in two others. He brings his trophy board to the club each week, just to taunt them.

Despite his ruthlessness over the board, his angelic side wins out when it comes to pitching in to help. He has served as a substitute director for the MN local Monday Night Backgammon as well as authoring and leading beginner lessons.  He loves the social aspect of the game and working with newcomers. Recently when we had several new faces show up at our club and he organized a 50-cent full-consulting chouette.  Experienced players came in and out over the course of the evening and a good time was had by all.

In the early 90’s Jeff, along with Ray Bills, built a small backgammon club in Rochester, MN. They still meet on Tuesday nights — affectionately known as “the toughest $2 chouette in the world”. During that time Jeff was doing a side gig as a clown for kid’s birthday parties. One day Jeff — still in makeup and costume as “Bingo” — came to the chouette which was played in a restaurant/bar among other diners. The place was packed, with lots of kids pointing and giggling at Bingo playing a game nearby.  At one critical point Jeff missed a triple shot and yelled out “F*********”, pounding the table with his fists.  When one of the players tried to calm him down by saying c’mon Spence, think of the kids, Spence stood up on a chair and yelled to the room “F*** the kids!”

Watch out for this one . . . you have been warned!

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USBGF Nemesis (never won): Ray Bills, as in the person making this post! :-)

USBGF Plaything (never lost): Judy Field

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