Japan-US Youth Challenge Match

FriesenBen streaming - 2013 OhioA special Youth Challenge Match will be played at the Las Vegas Open beginning Wednesday evening, November 20, at 7:00 pm PST (10 pm EST). This match is sponsored by the Japanese Backgammon League and the USBGF in the promotion of backgammon globally.

Yuki Hiroki, the JBL Youth Champion, will represent Japan. Ben Friesen, the USBGF Collegiate Champion, will represent the USA. The match will use a Dual-Duel format. The match will be to 11-points; however, a player must win both by score and by PR to be declared the winner. If the first match does not produce a winner, a second match to 7-points will be played with the same criteria. A third match to 3-points will follow, if necessary. If a winner is still not determined, single-point sudden-death games will be played until one player prevails. Mochy will transcribe the matches into XG for immediate PR results.

We expect the match to be available for viewing on http://usbgf.org/stream

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