Gus Contos wins Gammon Associates 2017 Tournament of Champions (added USBGF money) Feb 11, 2018

2017 TOC winner Gus ContosTO2017C_2018-02-11

The winner of the TOC was Gus Contos:
2nd -David Taniguchi
3/4 -John Rockwell
3/4 -Art Benjamin

We have 26 players who qualified for the TOC this last year. Six were double-qualified (e.g. they were in the top-16 at both of our weekly locations [Wed & Sun.]) and they get a BYE into the second round of the TOC.

Gus will now represent the Gammon Associates in the inter-club championships in March 2018.

This is part of the USBGF Added Money Local Club Initiative. The winner of the added money (USBGF member) will *also* win an entry into the free-roll inter-club Championships in March 2018. The winner of that online event will win an entry into the ABT event of their choice. They will *also* be featured in an article in the PrimeTme magazine and have the finals match analyzed by an expert.

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