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  • in reply to: Membership Blitz prize is ? #70850

    Hi Yusuf,

    Membership Blitz tournaments award the first place finisher their choice of either a new USBGF Premium membership PLUS a 1-year GammonSite membership, a 1-year extension of their current USBGF Premium membership PLUS a 1-year GammonSite membership, or a $60 credit to spend as they wish at the USBGF BG Shop. The option of a USBGF BG Shop credit shall only apply to current USBGF Basic, Youth, or Premium members in good standing who win their bracket of 8. A USBGF BG Shop credit may also be used to purchase a 1-year GammonSite membership at a value of $14. All Guest members who win any USBGF Membership Blitz will be awarded a 1-year USBGF Premium membership PLUS a 1-year GammonSite membership upon their first win, and shall not have the option of applying their winnings elsewhere.

    NEW! Players with sufficient BG Shop account credit may utilize their existing credit for entry fee purchases into our new FTH Board Blitzes at $30 per entry. Please contact Tara Mendicino at to make arrangements for entry fee processing. See our tournament calendar for more details on the the FTH Board Blitz events.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance.



    in reply to: 5 pt Matches- help #69654

    Hi Karl,

    I would highly recommend studying Kit Woolsey’s “Five Point Match” article.


    Let us know if that helps!


    in reply to: families of skew assymetric met tables #69065

    Hi Dave. You may wish to consider the book by Jake Jacobs and Walter Trice titled, “Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good?”

    For further information, please see:

    in reply to: Robertie Books #10946

    You might try contacting him here:

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.

    in reply to: Fullscreen in learning videos not working #9814


    I do not believe I can fix that issue for a few reasons, however, I will continue to research it.

    My apologies and thank you.

    in reply to: Basic Members can only see half of the Learning Videos #9235


    I can fix that, however, it requires that each page be edited by hand. There are over 200 pages that will need to be modified, one-by-one.

    I will do my best to get as much of it done over the coming weekend.

    Regarding Gridgammon, please email me with your account issues. I can be reached at

    Thank you!


    in reply to: Outfitting my board #7330

    Hi Ken,

    We do have precision dice available for purchase the USBGF BG Shop.

    Details may be found here:

    If you could please let me know what size checkers you have currently (normally they would be either 1.5″ or 1.75″) and what color you are looking for, then I can give you some options. If you happen to have a photo of your current set of checkers, please upload it.



    in reply to: 4-1 checker play problem #4447

    Rick’s Position:

    White is Player 2

    score: 2
    pip: 109

    9 point match
    pip: 143
    score: 5

    Blue is Player 1

    Blue to play 41

    eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10

    in reply to: # players on gridgammon #4221

    Hi John,

    I would estimate approximately 150 players. Currently there are 140 players online right now (around 3:00 PM EST).

    I hope that helps!

    — Tara

    in reply to: Choosing a backgammon set #4098


    We have the following in stock in the USBGF BG Shop:

    1. CHH Backgammon Board. The CHH board is priced at $50 (approximately $60 including shipping). This board is one I have played on before. It is basic but affordable and ideal for a beginning backgammon player. It is certainly fine to take along to any tournament.

    2. Crisloid Tournament Attache Backgammon Board priced at $300 (15% off for USBGF Premium and Youth members making it $255, not including shipping). This is a lovely board manufactured by Crisloid. It has a light blue exterior, red and blue checkers, red and blue dice, and 2 leather dice cups with “USBGF” inscribed on the sides.

    It folds and also features the USBGF logo on the backgammon board surface.

    The fields of this backgammon board are made from high quality cork that not only looks great but also allows the gorgeous weighty checkers to move gracefully across its surface.
    Dimensions: Open: 30¼” x 20¾” x 1¾”; Closed: 15? x 20¾” x 3½”; Checker Size: 1¾” x ½”

    3. The Crisloid Table Top Board does not fold. It is priced at $200, not including shipping.

    All sets are available now.

    For further information, please see:

    If you have additional questions or wish to place an order, you are welcome to call us at 210-573-3073 and we would be happy to help you.

    Thank you very much!

    Tara and Pierre Mendicino
    USBGF BG Shop

    in reply to: Ray Fogerlund Vs. Justin Nunez – LA 2013 (6th round) #4026

    Great! Thank you for attaching the match logs.

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