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David Levy

David Levy

David began playing tournament backgammon in San Francisco in the late 1970s and became a Senior Master in the Pacific Backgammon Association. More recently he was Backgammon by the Bay Player of the Year for 2003, 2007, and 2016. He actively collects books on gaming, including more than 100 backgammon books. A highlight is a rare copy of Edmond Hoyle’s Short Treatise on the Game of Backgammon (1743), the first instructional book on the game. He also has several dozen books from the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries on trictrac, a French game played on a backgammon board.

David has been researching and writing about the publications of Edmond Hoyle for the past decade. His blog has 125 essays about all aspects of gaming literature generally and Hoyle specifically. Backgammon players may be interested in “Eighteenth Century Backgammon Literature.”

He has also written Soumille, named for the most important trictrac author, a neural net program that plays trictrac and is a Bronze Life Master in the American Contract Bridge League.

Points of Interest:

Home Club:  Backgamon By The Bay (BGBB) http://www.siliconvalleyopenbg.com/bgbb.html

USBGF Nemesis  (no USBGF wins): Jeremy Bagai

USBGF Plaything  (no USBGF losses): Ted Chee!!

[This is the next in a series of 22 Player Profiles for the USBGF representatives of their local clubs in the USBGF Inter-Club Championships. We will be posting one profile per day throughout the course of the tournament as a way of recognizing the USBGF players and promoting their local clubs.]

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