Dan Wittkopp

Dan Wittkopp

I learned to play while living in Costa Rica from 2008-20013 when I had the good fortune to play in a regular chouette with a group of native Spanish speaking players including Antonio Ortega.  In those sessions I received two lesson, backgammon and Spanish.

I now live in Traverse City, Michigan which is a 3 hour + drive from Flint.  I try to get there to play a few times a year.  This year I am planning on playing in the ABT tournaments in Chicago, Novi and Flint.

My best results in ABT tournaments were:

1st in Advanced Division in Madison ABT 2015

Limited Doubles winner with partner Nick Blasier in Michigan ABT 2015

Thank you and USBGF for supporting the local club championships and organizing the tournament.


Interesting Points:

Home Club: FLINT AREA BACKGAMMON CLUB (http://www.flintbg.com/index.html)

USBGF Nemesis  (no USBGF wins): Patty Knapp

USBGF Plaything  (no USBGF losses):  Patrick Gibson

[This is the next in a series of 22 Player Profiles for the USBGF representatives of their local clubs in the USBGF Inter-Club Championships. We will be posting one profile per day throughout the course of the tournament as a way of recognizing the USBGF players and promoting their local clubs.]

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