Chicago Bar Point vs Connecticut – IT IS ON!

Al Theriault



David Stein

David Stein

Round 1 of the USBGF Inter-Club Championships

Chicago Bar Point Club (David Stein)

Connecticut Backgammon Club (Al Theriault)

Monday March 12, 6pm Eastern

Safe Harbor Games – USBGF room

Come watch the match live on Safe Harbor Games or watch for live updates on Facebook!

[The Inter-Club Championships is an online USBGF tournament for the representatives of Local Prime Clubs who participated in the Local Club Initiative added USBGF money events at their local clubs.  The winner of the Inter-Club Championships will win a free entry into the ABT event of their choice, get a snazzy certificate and will be featured in PrimeTime magazine.  The finals match will be analyzed by BG Master Marty Storer.]

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