Chen fu Yu and Ken Indart take home the prizes in the Baltimore Local Club Initiative USBGF added money event!

chen ken-indart

Congratulations to Chen (seated on left) who took home the cash and Ken (closeup) who took home the entry into the inter-club championships at the 3rd Monday Baltimore club tournament on Feb 19.

Ken will represent the Baltimore Club in the USBGF Online Club Championships in March with a chance to win an entry into the ABT event of his choice as well as bringing the Baltimore club glory!

Vic Morawski Director


This is part of the USBGF Added Money Local Club Initiative. The winner of the added money (USBGF member) will *also* win an entry into the free-roll inter-club Championships in March 2018. The winner of that online event will win an entry into the ABT event of their choice. They will *also* be featured in an article in the PrimeTme magazine and have the finals match analyzed by an expert.


  1. Jon Douglas says:

    Congats Ken and Chen!

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