Change in USBGF Benefits and Dues

The U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) will celebrate the third anniversary of its online membership system in September 2013. We thank our members for their support and confidence in us as we have developed this exciting not-for-profit organization dedicated to growing the backgammon community.

Over those three years, we have offered Premium, Limited/Associate, and Youth membership options. We have decided to replace the Limited/Associate option with an upgraded Basic membership that includes our online tournament circuit and online ratings system, USBGF events and lectures at select ABT tournaments, ratings and statistics on ABT tournaments, and a multi-media library of educational materials.

The Premium membership will include these benefits plus our widely-acclaimed electronic bi-monthly magazine, PrimeTime Backgammon, which will undergo an exciting redesign with the September-October issue featuring writings from the world’s best players and authors, as well as discounts on software, equipment, and books to be published by USBGF, and free first entry into twice-annual USBGF National Championships.

The cost of providing these benefits has grown over time, while dues have remained unchanged. Beginning with our third anniversary on September 8, 2013, our membership system will reflect these restructured benefits. Dues will be $60 annually for Premium members or $150 for three years; $15 for Youth/Student members (unchanged); and $35 annually for Basic members. Premium members joining or renewing before that date can lock in current rates ($40 for one-year or $100 for three-years).

We welcome International Premium and International Basic members at the same rates as U.S. members and will be providing benefits tailored to their interests including international online tournaments and an international edition of PrimeTime Backgammon.

For complete details regarding all benefits of USBGF membership, please see our USBGF Membership Brochure.

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