PrimeTime Backgammon, Nov-Dec

November-December 2014 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon 

By Karen Davis, Managing Editor

Petko Kostadinov has emerged as the #6 ranked Giant of Backgammon — winning the International Backgammon Championship II in 2013 and the Tournament of Champions at the 2013 Chicago Open, joining the World Team for the 2014 Nordic Open, and most recently winning the Land of Lincoln Masters Jackpot in Illinois. In this issue Marty Storer, USBGF Editor for Annotated Matches, analyzes Petko’s 2014 Texas Championships Dual-Duel match with Saba Bejanishvili, where both played phenomenally, at under 3.0 PR. Petko and Saba then teamed up to win the 2014 USBGF Tournament of Stars, a doubles event for USBGF Founding Sponsors and Giants of Backgammon.

Jason Pack, recent winner of the UK Open and the 2014 Nordic Open Super Jackpot, and a finalist in the 2014 London Open Professionals’ Tournament, concludes his three-part series on the 2013 World Backgammon Championship match between Slava Pryadkin and Lars Trabolt, contrasting their aggressive and conservative cube strategies. Slava’s recube to 4 at 11-away/16-away, which XG++ deems a .109 blunder, was, as Jason explains, the tactic of a world champion — rewarded with a backgammon on a dramatic double-fives final roll.

Ray Fogerlund, current ABT-points leader, provides an in-person account of the DC Capital Classic. Karen Davis covers the 11th Carolina Invitational, and two regional events: the Ohio-Michigan Team Challenge and the Maryland-Virginia-DC Team Challenge.

This issue showcases two online tournament winners: Irina Litzenberger, winner of the May Circuit; and our own Bill Riles, winner of the June Circuit. Open and Advanced division winners of the 2013-2014 National Internet Championship, Jacob Atie and Tom Christner are profiled.

Finally, USBGF President Bill Riles brings us up to date on the Federation’s 2014 accomplishments, 2015 plans, and goals for the future of the organization. Planning and fund-raising for the Prime Tournament initiative are well underway, with Prime Benefactors contributing added money for USBGF-member players. The NY Metropolitan Open will kick off the Prime Tournament roster, followed quickly by the Texas Backgammon Championships, the D.C. Capital Classic, Ohio, and Atlanta. Make your plans to attend now!

Check out the live and online tournament rankings, and Get in the Game!
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PrimeTime Backgammon, Sept-Oct

September-October 2014 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon 

By Karen Davis, Managing Editor

Cover-Sept-Oct-2014-thumbEach year in August, players from around the world flock to backgammon’s mecca, Monte Carlo, for the gala tournament known as the “World Championship.” This year’s event, the 39th episode in its illustrious history, drew 224 players to the Main flight. The September-October 2014 issue of PrimeTime Backgammon maintains the international flavor of our coverage (the July-August issue featured an in-depth trio of articles on the 2014 Nordic Open and the Denmark vs. the World match) with an analysis of the final match, between Japan’s Akiko Yazawa and the USA’s Doug Mayfield, presented by participant and journalist Jason Pack. Jason’s close analysis of the strategic nuances of play is complemented by a stunning photo essay on the elegant spectacle, prepared by our Turkish correspondent, Sabri Büyüksoy.

Akiko won the prestigious crown with a spectacular comeback at DMP. With uncanny timing, Paul Weaver presaged her victory by preparing for this issue an in-depth analysis of her win over John O’Hagan at the Michigan Summer Championships in July. Along with his breakdown of the backgammon, Paul provides a first-hand description of this “must-attend” Michigan event – whose turnout, now that it no longer overlaps Monte Carlo – burgeoned to an impressive 175 entrants including side event entrants. Mochy provides an update on his PR 4.0 Club, which now numbers seven individuals, including most recently Paul Weaver.

We follow Paul’s article with another generous helping of world-class analysis – this time provided by the American legend and Giant #10, Stick Rice. Stick surveys the final match of the USBGF Tournament of Champions, between the young U.S. expert Ben Friesen and Germany’s Tilman Söhnchen. Twenty-nine winners of U.S. Backgammon Federation online tournaments from October 2012 to December 2013 competed in the event, with Friesen emerging victorious.

We are always interested in introducing our readers to the diverse galaxy of accomplished individuals who make up our community. This issue showcases a number of online tournament winners, including Peter Toftsø, winner of the USBGF Masters Divisional I; David Kettler, winner of the USBGF April 2014 Circuit; and Ted Chee, winner of the USBGF Circuit Monthly for December 2013. As a special treat, we explore the advanced training methods employed by the emerging Midwest star, Julius High. Julius’s concept of “backgammon study groups” deserves the attention of all serious students of the game.

Patti Rubin outlines her plans for the best ever 40th Backgammon World Championship in 2015. Correspondent Jason Pack offers his suggestions for improving players’ experience.

Finally, USBGF President Bill Riles brings us up to date on the Federation’s latest programs and initiatives, including a Prime Tournament designation with added money for USBGF members, a U.S. Backgammon Hall of Fame, and an annual USBGF Awards Dinner. All of these projects are designed to benefit USBGF members, encourage live and online tournament participation, and to recognize achievement.

Check out the live and online tournament rankings, and Get in the Game!

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PrimeTime Backgammon, July-Aug

July-August 2014 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon 

By Karen Davis, Managing Editor

Cover-July-August-2014-thumbDespite its population of only 6 million, Denmark has done more than any other country, over the last two decades, to spearhead the revitalization of backgammon and to foster a truly international community for the game. This issue of PrimeTime Backgammon puts a spotlight on that small country’s gala annual backgammon festival, the Nordic Open: the “toughest tournament in the world,” and one accompanied by a unique challenge match: Denmark vs. the World. Our coverage begins with a couple of far-ranging and candid interviews conducted before the event by the Bulgarian expert, Iancho Hristov, with playing captains Thomas Kristensen (Denmark) and Mochy Mochizuki (World). With the stage thus set, we move to the big match itself, with an eyewitness report by our editor and World team member, Bob Wachtel. Bob adds local color to his account by highlighting not only the actual moves that were played in the match but also the heated discussions, banter, and fearless side betting that accompanied them. Our Turkish friend Sabri Büyüksoy completes the Scandinavian sketch by sharing with us his panoramic photographic portrayal of the event.

Not that the U.S. does not have some superstrong tournaments itself. The release of the Giants of Backgammon list brought a number of Giants to Rory Pascar’s Chicago Open to receive their certificates. Five of the top six Giants participated (Chicagoan Neil Kazaross was sidelined for health reasons). Paul Weaver analyzes a round-robin match in the World Backgammon Tournament of Champions between #3 and #5 Giants, Falafel Natanzon and Matt Cohn-Geier. Jake Jacobs provides his own witty take on the Giants list.

We also showcase #8 Giant Bob Wachtel’s new book, In the Game Until the End, Volume II, a sequel to his pioneering 1993 pre-bot-era study of ace-point endings. Reviewing the book, John O’Hagan calls it a “great work” and a “must read” for serious students of the game. As Bob explains it, “some of the most intriguing – and mysterious – positions in the backgammon universe lie at contact’s 11th hour. Holding the opponent’s ace point, a competitor is ‘in the game until the end’ – an end which can run the gamut from utter disaster to miraculous deliverance.” After a hiatus of 20 years, Bob finally deploys the cuttingedge tool of deep computer (XG) rollout analysis to debug his prior research and to carefully extend it to a variety of more complex ace-point endings.

Around the U.S. tournament scene, we feature Steve Sax’s report on the LA Open, where perennial winner Ray Fogerlund added the LA championship title to his U.S. Open and California State Championship crowns, making him this year’s King of the West. We also profile: an outstanding club, Barry Silliman’s Beltway Backgammon Club; an active female player, Michelle Steinberg; and a promising junior, young Max Crosner. Finally, USBGF President Bill Riles brings us up to date on the Federation’s latest programs and initiatives, all designed to increase member benefits, encourage member participation, and recruit new blood from the great mass of recreational American backgammon players. Check out the live and online tournament rankings, and Get in the Game!

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PrimeTime Backgammon, May-June

Young Lions Make Their Mark:
May-June 2014 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon 

By Karen Davis, Managing Editor

Cover-May-June-2014-thumbThis content-packed issue of PrimeTime Backgammon  shines the spotlight on strong new players — Saba Bejanishvili, Julius High, and David Presser. Marty Storer provides an analysis of a match between shooting star Saba Bejanishvili of Marietta, Georgia (who also hails from the Republic of Georgia) and Giant of Backgammon Matt Cohn-Geier (MCG) in the Dual-Duel event at the Texas Backgammon Championships. Saba stunned the online audience by winning on performance rating and score against MCG. Recently, he won the Tournament of Champions at the Chicago Open.

Ray Fogerlund reports on the Atlanta tournament, highlighting Julius High’s amazing trifecta: the Championship division, the Atlanta Cup jackpot, and the Seniors event. Ray also pays his respects to Frank Talbot, who captured the Bob Wilensky Memorial Masters.

See especially the profile of David Presser, the winner of the February and March 2014 USBGF Online Circuit and another of the young lions making their early mark in the backgammon world. David had the second highest score (after Falafel) on Mochy’s 4th Proficiency Exam administered at the Chicago Open.

Washington DC has emerged as a backgammon powerhouse. The Beltway Backgammon Club, under the directorship of Barry Silliman, has dominated the USBGF National Club Team Championship, with a second place finish in the inaugural event in 2011, first and second in 2012, and first in 2013. Frank Raposa, Jason Lee, and Bob Koca (the FrankLee Unflappable team) each provide commentary on the 2013 finals matches with the Jersey Boys (Jeff Acierno, Alan Grunwald, and Artie Sutton). Frank Raposa just won the Championship division of the Chicago Open, taking the lead in the ABT points race for the year.

Bill Davis shares with us his impressions of the Central States Invitational at the beginning of March, and I report, in prose and photos, on the 20th anniversary of the Ohio State Backgammon Championships in Cleveland in late March.

USBGF President Bill Riles explains the new USBGF policy on Legal Moves — a stance that was adopted by players voting at the Las Vegas U.S. Open tournament in April.

There’s much more — Jason Pack, with a breakthrough year himself, continues with his analysis of the World Backgammon Championship match between Slava and Lars. Paul Weaver analyzes a match between #1 Giant Mochy and #2 Giant Michy at the 2013 Las Vegas Open.

Congratulations to our latest USBGF Prime Clubs: Dallas Backgammon League, Arizona Backgammon Club, Las Vegas Backgammon Club, and Colorado Backgammon Club!

Check out the live and online tournament rankings, and as Bill Riles says: Get in the Game!

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Mar-Apr



We are delighted, in this content-packed issue of PrimeTime Backgammon, to welcome two distinguished new authors to our galaxy of member-contributors. First Ray Fogerlund, three-time winner of the American Backgammon Tour and highest ABT annual point winner, lets readers inside his head to see how he conceived, executed, and almost successfully pulled off a daring game plan against world champion Mochy Mochizuki in the Dual-Duel event at the Texas Backgammon Championships. Then Jason Pack, a foreign-affairs expert who has written for (among others) the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, describes the game-theoretic strategy used by Slava Pryadkin in winning the 2013 Backgammon World Championship over former champion Lars Trabolt.

The excitement and buzz of first-class tournament play is attracting a growing field of entrants and world-wide streaming audiences. In this issue Steve Sax submits reports on two major events: the Texas Backgammon Championships and December’s California State Championships. From our foreign desk, the fine Turkish player Sabri Büyüksoy fills us in on the action in Cyprus, where several organizers have recently run very well-attended and successful tournaments, and provides a stunning pictorial album of the ISTAVDER 6th Anniversary Festival in Turkey. And I report, in prose and photos, on the New York Metro Open – where players from 10 countries converged at the beginning of the New Year to compete for Statue of Liberty trophies.

On the organizational front, Scott Butki, director of the Austin Backgammon Club, shares with us his approach to nurturing a local club. Scott, as a journalist and special education teacher, has received a wealth of on-the-job training in patience and persistence – qualities that he has put to good use in turning out his club members in force to enter this year’s Texas Backgammon Championships.

With its new President Bill Riles at the helm, the U.S. Backgammon Federation is thriving. Phil Simborg’s candid interview reveals what makes Bill such an effective leader. And speaking of leaders, the results of the first web-enabled, member-wide election of seats on the USBGF Board of Directors are in. Dorn Bishop and Neil Kazaross won seats on the Board, with Karen Davis, Patrick Gibson, and Richard Munitz coming back for second terms.

There’s much more – see especially the profile of Jamie Rosen, at age 14 the youngest participant in the NY Metropolitan Open event, and the feature on the Director’s Cup II online tournament winner Greg Kurrell.

Check out the live and online tournament rankings, and as Bill Riles says: Get in the Game!

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Jan-Feb


Perennial winner, larger-than-life giant, and unfailingly courteous gentleman Malcolm Davis is featured on the cover of the January-February 2014 issue of PrimeTime Backgammon. Malcolm has amassed numerous trophies over the last 20 years, from the 1993 Illinois State Championship to most recently the Masters Jackpot at the 1st Capital Classic in Washington DC in November. He stands at #3 on the All-Time American Backgammon Tour, a testament to his assiduous recording and study of his game.

This issue of PrimeTime Backgammon features the newest offering on the U.S. Backgammon Federation online tournament circuit — the USBGF Team Championship won by a team of California players naming themselves Scared Hitless. Marty Storer, the USBGF Special Editor for Annotated Matches, analyzes key positions in the finals round. The online tournaments have become hugely popular as backgammon players from around the world compete for fame and the thrill of playing highly competitive matches with skilled players.

But live tournaments continue to trump online play, as the sight and sound of backgammon in action and camaraderie continue to captivate. Karen Davis covers the 1st Capital Classic in the Washington DC area. Ben Friesen gives a collegiate competitor’s candid take on his match with Japan’s top young player Yuri Hiroki in the U.S.-Japan Youth Challenge Match in Las Vegas.

There’s lots in this issue for players of all levels. Raymond Kershaw from the UK presents examples of the Kauder Paradox, when it is correct to double at negative equity and it is correct to beaver!

Ken Larsen, director of the Durham-Chapel Hill Backgammon Club in North Carolina offers some thought-provoking ideas on a new way to rate top players based on points won per event entered. Phil Simborg, USBGF Education Adviser and lecturer extraordinaire, shares a sample of his USBGF teaching videos. Phil has created over 100 videos thus far, and all can be viewed on the USBGF website. And much more — see especially the profiles of online monthly circuit tournament winners Maya Peycheva and Harvey Gillis.

We salute the 8 local clubs that achieved Prime Club status in 2013 with USBGF members ranging from 10 in the Austin Backgammon Club to 34 in the Los Angeles area Gammon Associates.

USBGF President Bill Riles issues a call for volunteering on the part of members to help our member-run organization achieve its potential. Check it out, and as Bill says, Get in the Game!

Also check out the latest live and online Leader Boards. Get your name on the marquee by playing in the many USBGF online tournament offerings, or the upcoming American Backgammon Tour live events listed in the magazine.

You’ll find that PrimeTime Backgammon has features attuned to the interests of our entire membership, offering more and more ways to enhance your playing experience. You won’t want to miss out on all the great action.

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Nov-Dec



There’s something for everyone in the latest November-December issue of PrimeTime Backgammon. Mike Mannon has joined the list of exemplar backgammon analysts and authors in writing for the magazine. His column on “Using the Opening Move to Figure Out a Reply” illustrates how much failing to get the opening move affects play. We look forward to more interesting columns from Mike.

This issue features an article, “Home Field Advantage: The Comic Book, Episode II,” by USBGF Editor Bob Wachtel featuring Jeremy Bagai’s capture of the 2012 USBGF National Championship over Ed O’Laughlin. The fickle finger of fate is often a determining factor when two top-rated players face off.

Sabri Buyuksoy who just joined as a regular contributor to PrimeTime Backgammon in the last issue follows up with highlights from the Georgia Open. This feature is tailored to the interests of the growing international membership of the U.S. Backgammon Federation.

And from the heartland, Linda Rockwell reports on the 2013 Illinois State Championships, with an all-female staff that knows how to Take Time for Fun at this Halloween-themed tournament.

With this issue, we’ve started a new feature focused on local clubs with an article by Ken Larsen, director of the Durham/Chapel Hill Backgammon Club, founded in 2008. Ken shares his ideas for using point systems to stir the competitive juices of his members and motivate them to learn more about the game.

Phil Simborg, USBGF Education Adviser and lecturer extraordinaire, shares a sample of his USBGF teaching videos. Phil has created over 100 videos thus far, and all can be viewed on the USBGF website.

USBGF President Bill Riles outlines his Priorities and Plans and announces a new President’s Membership Challenge. He will give a new USBGF Crisloid backgammon board valued at $300 to the member who signs up the most new members between December 1, 2013 and February 28, 2014. He has set a goal of attracting 100 new members through this initiative, and will upgrade his Founding Sponsorship to the Gold level if we meet the challenge he has set. If you didn’t see it, check out the great article on Bill that ran recently in the Houston Chronicle.

There’s much more — profiles of online monthly circuit tournament winners Charles Raichle and Gerard Jendras, as well as a profile of one of the newest backgammon converts, Kevin Helton, who got introduced to the game in its birthplace during his tour of duty in Iraq with the Army Corps of Engineers.

You’ll find that PrimeTime Backgammon has features and news attuned to the interests of our entire membership, offering more and more ways to enhance your playing experience. Also check out the latest live and online Leader Boards. You won’t want to miss out on all the great action. If you’re not yet a member or your membership has lapsed, be sure to join or renew now and get set for what’s to come!

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Sept-Oct 2013



We’re delighted to share with you this special Third Anniversary issue of PrimeTime Backgammon — now available to all members and website registered guests as a complimentary introduction to the brand-new design. Tara Mendicino, USBGF Director of Communications and member of the Board of Directors, has used cutting-edge software to give the magazine a new look with exciting features. We welcome your suggestions and feedback!

The issue features world champion Masayuki (Mochy) Mochizuki, not only a great player but outstanding lecturer and ambassador for backgammon. Marty Storer analyzes key positions from Mochy’s matches with Neil Kazaross and Matt-Cohn Geier on his way to winning the 33rd Chicago Open Championship. The article includes insightful commentary from Mochy and Neil on key positions as well. The introductory profile of Mochy captures his meteoric rise to Super Star and Super Ambassador status!

Bob Wachtel captures the glamour and high drama of the 38th World Backgammon Championship in Monte Carlo where the suave Ukranian (and Monte Carlo resident), Vyacheslav “Slava” Pryadkin generated excitement around the world as avid backgammon players watched his streamed finals match against 2008 World Backgammon Champion and 2009 runner-up, Lars Trabolt (“Trabi”) of Denmark. Watch the embedded video by Martha Ghio capturing Slava’s acceptance of the trophy.

We’re pleased to welcome Sabri Büyüksoy as a regular contributor to PrimeTime Backgammon, starting with his article in this issue on highlights of the Cannes Summer Cup and breathtakingly beautiful photos.

Phil Simborg, USBGF Education Adviser and lecturer extraordinaire, shares his lecture at the LA Open in June, “Playing from Behind.” After giving the Sunday morning lecture, he then went on to demonstrate the key concepts by coming from behind to win a semi-final match with Matt Cohn- Geier, after being down 9-2 in a match to 11. Malcolm Davis, however, handily went on to win the event.

There’s much more — profiles of online tournament winners Adam Versaw, Mario Savan, and Eva Zizkova, plus news updates on the recent 10th Carolina Invitational tournament and announcement of the launch of the 3rd International Backgammon Championship.

Also check out the latest live and online Leader Boards. Get your name on the marquee by playing in the many USBGF online tournament offerings, or the upcoming American Backgammon Tour live events listed in the magazine.

The issue includes a recent news release announcing the appointment of Bill Riles as the new President and Executive Director of the Federation and his plans for the future. Outgoing-President Perry Gartner and Board of Directors Chairman Karen Davis share highlights of the first three years of the organization.

You’ll find that PrimeTime Backgammon has features and news attuned to the interests of our entire membership, offering more and more ways to enhance your playing experience. You won’t want to miss out on all the great action. If you’re not yet a member or your membership has lapsed, be sure to join or renew now and get set for what’s to come!

Download the latest issue here: PrimeTime Backgammon Sept-Oct 2013
Due to the size of the new magazine, please expect allow a few minutes for the entire file to load. Thanks!

If you would like to print the current version of our magazine, download the print version here: PrimeTime Backgammon Sept-Oct 2013 – Print Version

Learning from the Young

Ben Friesen

Ben Friesen (photo by Karen Davis)

Stepan Nuniyants

Stepan Nuniyants, winner of the Super-32 in L.A. (photo by Steve Sax)

Youth players, attracted to backgammon during their student years and playing in USBGF online collegiate events, are making their mark on the backgammon scene. Take a Quiz prepared by noted backgammon author, winner, and Indiana University collegiate backgammon coach Chuck Bower in the current July-August issue of PrimeTime Backgammon. The Quiz is constructed from positions that arose in a USBGF online match between Ben Friesen, a student at the University of Michigan-Flint, and Ben Cousins, an undergraduate at Clemson, now studying at Georgia Tech. Chuck shows how tweaking the player’s and opponent’s boards just slightly may alter the choice of play.

Ben Friesen won the first individual USBGF U.S. Collegiate Backgammon Championship this year in an exciting finale against Michael Zakrajsek from the University of Texas-Austin. Northwestern won the team championship with David Presser, Michael Harper, and Daniel Learner. Harvey Mudd College, last year’s team winner, tied for second with the University of South Carolina. A parallel international event for students abroad was won by Agamir Gevorkyan from Russia with Junichi Kieda from Japan placing second. Ben Friesen will be playing an exhibition Youth match with a top Japanese student player at an ABT tournament this fall.

Dmitriy Obukhov, another impressive young player who has catapulted to the top ranks of live and online tournament play, and Paul Weaver probe the intricate relationship between the match score and how best to play an opening 64. Extensive rollouts show when running, splitting, or pointing is best at various match scores.

Two players who got the backgammon bug during their college years, and then set it aside for a decade or so as they focused on family and career, are making headlines in USBGF online events. See player profiles of Bruce Farquhar, a Canadian-Scotsman, who won the USBGF February 2013 online monthly circuit event, and Jim Stutz, who won the 1st Director’s Cup. Learn how they got hooked on the game, and how they have honed their skills in recent years with bots and online tournament play.

But old hands aren’t out of it yet, Steve Sax shows that “experience still rules” at the 2013 L.A. Open. In Michigan, however, many new faces appeared in the winner’s circle, despite an excellent turn-out of Giants of Backgammon, as Karen Davis reports in her article on the tournament, Everyone a Winner!

Check out the latest USBGF Online Leader Board, with the top-ten ranked players by Elo rating, win-loss records, and USBGF online tournaments won. If you haven’t played in an online tourney yet, sign up now for fun and fame. And it’s not too late to enter a three-person team to play in the USBGF Club Team Championship.

We encourage players in live ABT tournaments at every level to check out their ratings and stats on the complete USBGF Player Standings list, and the updated Leader Board prepared by Barry Silliman, USBGF Rankings Editor, with ABT rankings as of July 1, 2013, and USBGF Elo ratings for Open, Advanced, and Novice divisions based on ABT/USBGF tournament play since 2009 through July 1, 2013.

If you’re not yet a member of USBGF, or your membership has expired, sign up now and join the fun. You’ll enhance your playing experience–and enjoy this  70-page action-packed issue of PrimeTime Backgammon.

PrimeTime Backgammon, July-August 2013

Vadim & Stepan Nuniyants, Carol Joy Cole

Vadim (left) & Stepan Nuniyants, Open Doubles champions, with Tournament Director Carol Joy Cole (photo by Karen Davis)


Howard Markowitz

Howard Markowitz faces Herb Roman at the L.A. Open

The U.S. Backgammon Federation presents the July-August 2013 issue of its bi-monthly electronic magazine, PrimeTime Backgammon. In it, you’ll find articles by leading backgammon players and authors.

Selected contents include:

  • Chuck Bower–USBGF Collegiate Championship Quiz
  • Steve Sax–Experience Rules at the 2013 L.A. Open
  • Dmitriy Obukhov and Paul Weaver–Opening 64 in a Seven-Point Match
  • Player Profile–Bruce Farquhar: Scottish Sportsman
  • Player Profile–Jim Stutz: Winner of the USBGF Director’s Cup
  • Karen Davis–Everyone a Winner! Michigan Sumer Backgammon Championships


  • Perry Gartner–Changes in USBGF Benefits and Dues
  • Barry Silliman–The Leading U.S. Players
  • Tara Mendicino–USBGF Online Leader Board
  • Founding Sponsors
  • Upcoming U.S. Backgammon Events
  • Tournament Results (May 1—July 8, 2013)
  • Perry Gartner–Update on the U.S. Backgammon Federation
  • USBGF Club Team Championship

This issue of PrimeTime Backgammon, and other analytic articles, are restricted to Premium, Youth, and Founding Sponsor members. Join now, and you’ll enhance your playing experience–and have more fun! For those of you who have joined, again, many thanks for your confidence in us, and enjoy this 70-page action-packed, fun-filled issue.