PrimeTime BG Winter 2018

Winter 2018 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon

By Marty Storer, Managing Editor

In this issue we look back on 2017, and turn an eye to the future. One of last year’s biggest events was the 5th Merit Open International, held in Cyprus in November. Blake Fleetwood’s article showcases that mega-tourney, and the big win by Chicago’s Carter Mattig over former World Champion Lars Trabolt. Closer to home, Paul Weaver reports on the Novi tournament, always a U.S. highlight, and ably analyzes the Michigan Masters finals between Alfred Mamlet and Victor Ashkenazi. Karen Davis and I cover the first international American Backgammon Tour event, the Montreal Open, where Canadians did very well but Americans also had their say; check out the analysis of the finals match between champion Chris Knapp and Voice of Backgammon stream-master Larry Shiller. Hall-of-Famer Ray Fogerlund contributes a colorful piece on his 2017 USBGF Grand Championship win over Faddoul Khoury, and his 2016 near miss against ABT Champion Ed O’Laughlin. The venerable Malcolm Davis provides more great technical content as he wraps up last issue’s doubling quiz, sharing answers, cube philosophy, and historical reminiscences.

Turning the clock back a bit further, USBGF historian Bob Stoller interviews 1981 World Champion Lee Genud, backgammon’s first female superstar and still a wonderful ambassador for the game. She gives us a fascinating glimpse into her glamorous life in backgammon, and the storied days of the ’70s and ’80s. Karen Davis profiles another veteran, Ken Bame, director of the Silicon Valley Open, who won the 2017 USBGF Director’s Cup and has posted many other impressive results.

USBGF President Karen Davis gives us her usual thoughtful, lucid, and data-driven assessment of the past year in American backgammon, “Metrics of Success.” She discusses everything from the tumultuous reworking and adoption of USBGF rules for ABT tournaments, to the promising Local Prime Club initiative. Read this report to find out how we met and exceeded some of our stated goals, where we fell short, and what the future may hold.

Joe Russell, Chairman of the USBGF Board of Directors, provides his perspective on past and future events. He presents results of the recent Board of Directors election, and welcomes the two new members, Matt Reklaitis and Jack Edelson. He describes their unique talents and the ways they want to contribute to backgammon in the USA and beyond. His discussion of the ABT’s implementation of the USBGF rules adds to Karen’s insights. Finally, he talks about support and promotion of local clubs, and goals for international collaboration.

Of course, we have our usual array of tournament results, rankings, and master points, and the ever-prolific Karen Davis presents a listing of Prime Club champions and their photos.

The big take-away from this issue is that backgammon is growing. We want to keep up that trend.

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