PrimeTime BG Fall 2017

Summer 2017 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon

By Marty Storer, Deputy Managing Editor

We have some great content to share with you in this issue. Joe Russell, Chairman of the USBGF Board of Directors, kicks it off with an explanation of the Federation’s newly ratified 2018 Tournament Rules. Then President Karen Davis presents the USBGF’s current mission statement. Karen’s column is appropriately titled Metrics for Success: it is full of useful data, thoughtfully interpreted.

This quarter’s feature articles are entertaining and informative. First, Bill Riles provides a detailed report on this summer’s Backgammon World Championship in Monte Carlo.

Bob Stoller interviews Hall of Famer Joe Russell, truly one of the world’s great players. The interview showcases Joe’s amazing memory, not to mention his magnificent results.

My own article analyzes interesting decisions from the 2016 Federation Cup final, Jeb Horton vs. Dave Kettler, which among other things featured a massive backgame.

Long-time Giant and PrimeTime editor Bob Wachtel contributes a lively report on the Worldwide Trophy tournament, held this May in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state). Bob played board #2 for the U.S. team, and analyzes some tough positions from his match with Tim Cross when we faced off against Great Britain.

Recent Hall of Fame inductee Ray Fogerlund amusingly recaps the Madison, Wisconsin, tournament, where invading Minnesota Vikings, led by Steve Brown, made away with much of the home-state cheese hoard.

Malcolm Davis, a marvelous money and tournament player for decades, pops a quiz: five cube decisions. Make your choices and stay tuned for his analysis in our next issue!

We also present an interview by Alexander and Doris Auer of Fazil Terlemez, the premier craftsman who produces the fine FTH boards sold by Gammon Stuff (, a USBGF corporate sponsor. Fazil had to overcome many obstacles in his life, and, as this excellent interview makes clear, his is a labor of love. Alexander and Doris visited Fazil and his wife Hanim at their home and workshop in Michelstadt, Germany.

Forty-five years after Bobby Fischer’s landmark World Chess Championship victory over Boris Spassky, Federation historian Bob Stoller gives us a fascinating look at the backgammon connections of that match, including chess accomplishments of some of our game’s top players.

Karen Davis found an interesting subject this month for one of her signature interviews: Ross Gordon, the up-and-coming director of the Connecticut Backgammon Club. Ross directed this year’s Boston and Montreal Opens, and looks forward to running the Connecticut State Championships in October and the 2018 Boston Open in February.

Finally, you’ll find tournament and USBGF Master Point results and the calendar of upcoming events. Don’t miss too many of those! My head is spinning with all the choices. I hope to cross paths with you in Connecticut, Vegas, New York, Boston, or at any of the other exciting tournaments in store.

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