Stuart Domeshek wins the Atlanta North Club Championship Tourney!



Jerry and Anne GodseyStuart Domeshek

{Jerry Godsey receiving recognition) (Stuart on left playing Sally Winter on right)

In addition to winning the USBGF added money Stuart will now represent Atlanta North Backgammon Club in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018. The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

Over 20 members and guests attended the Annual Club Awards Party held at the home of retiring club director, Jerry Godsey. The event is to honor the Top 10 finishers in the 2017 Club Point Standings as well as to award the Player of the Year Honors.

Also, at the end a single-elimination tourney is played that involve
the top 16 finishers in the Club Point Standings. The USBGF as part of their Prime Local Club Initiative Campaign donated $5 for each USBGF member in the club for a total of $105 that was used as prizes.

2017 Player of the Year– Di Di
Di Di received a cash prize and plaque recognizing his efforts as 2017 Player of the Year.

2nd Place– Peter Roubicek
3rd Place– Carl Sorg
4th Place– Stuart Domeshek

All players who finished in the Top 10 were awarded silver coins to recognize their efforts. Players who received silver coins were: Di Di, Peter Roubicek, Carl Sorg, Stuart Domeshek, Larry Taylor,
Adrian Costa, Dennis Lutz, Charles Edwards, Jeff Proctor and Firooz Israel.

A gift of appreciation was presented to retiring Club President, Jerry Godsey. Jerry volunteered 10 years of his time building the club into what it is today and he will be missed. Voted into office by members to take Jerry’s place was Jeff Proctor.

Thanks to Larry Taylor for conducting a backgammon quiz that tested the knowledge of all members present. Di Di was the winner of the $60 prize for answering the most checker and cube questions correctly with six correct answers.

Thanks to Adrian Costa who conducted a Calcutta Auction for the 16 players who played in the Club Championship Tourney and generated quite of bit of interest and bidding as the lowest amount bid on any player or group of players was $60.

The 16 players who played in the tourney were: Di Di, Peter Roubicek, Carl Sorg, Stuart Domeshek, Larry Taylor, Adrian Costa, Dennis Lutz, Charles Edwards, Jeff Proctor, Firooz Israel, Paul Teitelbaum, Koray Agirbas, Jerry Godsey, Samra Hadden, Sally Winter and John Sabbagh. Alan Epstein finished in the top 16 but was unable to attend due to a personal committment. He was replaced by John Sabbagh.

Results from the tourney are:

Winner– Stuart Domeshek
Runner-up– Sally Winter
3/4 Place– Carl Sorg and John Sabbagh

There are no 2018 club points awarded for this tourney. Players could enter into a voluntary side pool to make the event more interesting.

A special thanks goes to Jerry and Anne Godsey for letting us invade their home for the afternoon and for their efforts in organizing, shopping and preparing the food for the event. Also, thanks to Stuart Domeshek for providing his grilling expertise for the flank steak.

Kevin Heacox brings home the added money in Hoosier Prime Local Club Initiative

kevin heacox

Congratulations to Kevin Heacox (shown on the right) for winning the Hoosier Local Club Prime Initiative added money on January 10, 2018!  Kevin defeated Chuck Bower (on left) to best a field of 18.
In addition to winning the USBGF added money Kevin Heacox will now represent Hoosier Club in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018.
The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

For more information on Hoosier Club events, contact Sean Garber,, (317) 241-0605; or Scott Day (317)374-5983

For more information about the Prime Local Club Initiative, contact Ray Bills at

Lynn Ehrlich brings home the added money in NYC Prime Local Club Initiative

Congratulations to Lynn Ehrlich for winning the NYC Local Club Prime Initiative added money on January 9, 2018!

In addition to winning the USBGF added money Lynn will now represent NYC in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018. 
The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

Comments from event director Rich Munitz:

The NYC Backgammon tournament last night was a tremendous success that exceeded my wildest expectations. We had 44 entries, with about half of them being USBGF members! It was insane and something of a miracle that I pulled it off roughly on schedule. We were short tables and boards and I only had a 32-draw bracket, never in a million years expecting to have more players starting in the round of 64 than 32.

I think we got 6 new members as a result of this promotion. Probably most of them joined at the Novice/Youth level, but regardless, still a great result.

Our club winner was Lynn Ehrlich and finalist was Rich Schulz – both USBGF members. They wound up splitti

Al Theriault and Rich Battikha take home the money in Connecticut Local Club Event!

Congratulations go out to Al and Rich for taking home the added USBGF money in the Connecticut Quarterly Circuit on January 6.

In addition to the USBGF added money, Al won the right to represent Connecticut Backgammon Club in the March inter-club Championships!  Should Al win that event he will win a free entry into the ABT event of his choice.

Well done!

Las Vegas January 2 Club Championship (Added USBGF Money) Results

Brian and Ray Joe ApicellaCongratulations to Ray Fogerlund, Brian Hoeft and Joe Apicella at the Las Vegas January 2 Club Championship bringing home the USBGF added money prizes:
Ray Fogerlund – Added Prize Money WInner
Brian Hoeft – Added Prize Money Winner
Joe Apicella – Winner of entry into inter-club championships in March.

Jeff Spencer takes home the cash in Minneapolis New Year’s Day Tournament!


Congratulations to Jeff for winning the New Years day tournament in at the Twin Cities Backgammon Club! Jeff bested a field of 26,  defeating Steve Brown in the finals and took home the USBGF added money as part of the USBGF Local Club Initiative.

Jeff will now represent the Twin Cities in the inter-club Championships in March 2018 the winner of which gets a free entry into the ABT event of his choice.

Rich Sweetman brings home the added money in New England Prime Local Club Initiative

Congratulations to Rich Sweetman for winning the New England Local Club Prime Initiative added money on December 10!
In addition to winning the USBGF added money Rich will now represent New Endgland in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018.   The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

For more information on New England Backgammon Club events, contact Alex Zamanian Alex Zamanian 781-354-6466 or Albert Steg Albert Steg (617) 417-6743 or visit their website at

For more information about the Prime Local Club Initiative, contact Ray Bills at

Nick Blasier brings home the added money in Austin Prime Local Club Initiative

Congratulations to Nick Blasier for winning the Austin Local Club Prime Initiative added money on December 10, 2017!
In addition to winning the USBGF added money Nick will now represent Austin in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018.   The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

For more information on Austin events, contact Scott Butki,(240) 675-7142 or visit their website at

For more information about the Prime Local Club Initiative, contact Ray Bills at

George Morse brings home the added money in Houston Prime Local Club Initiative

Congratulations to George Morse for winning the Houston Local Club Prime Initiative USBGF added money on December 9!
In addition to winning the USBGF added money George will now represent Houston in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018. The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

For more information on Houston events, contact Bill Riles, 70 Champions Bend Circle, Houston, Texas 77069. 281-703-9304.

For more information about the Prime Local Club Initiative, contact Ray Bills at


December 1-3, 2017; Los Angeles, California –
Results from

2017 Silicone_Steve Sax

OPEN (64): 1-Steve Sax (CA), 2-Michael Neagu (Canada), 3-Akiko Yazawa (Japan), 4/5-Nick Maffeo (CA) / Norm Wiggins (CA); 1C-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 2C-David Rennie (CA), 3C/4C-Jack Edelson (WI) / Paul Magriel (NV).
ADVANCED (64): 1-Teddy Lance (CA), 2-Irina Litzenberger (VA), 3-Payam Yousefian (CA), 4/5-Dan Minardi (CO) / David Taniguchi (CA); 1C-John Wogomon (CA), 2C-Aaron Foust (NV), 3C/4C-Niel Borden (CA) / Bud Lavassani (CA).
LIMITED (16): 1-Paul Bustrum (CA), 2-Jonathan Zager (CA); 1C-Teri Harmon (CA).
SUPER-48 MASTERS JACKPOT (44): 1-Justin Bor (CA), 2-Matt Cohn-Geier (CA), 3/4-Jeremy Bagai (CA) / Akiko Yazawa (Japan).
PAUL DINGWELL AMATEUR JACKPOT (38): 1/2-David Rennie (CA) / Mario Savan (CA), 3/4-Dan Harrington (CA) / Dennis McFarlin (NV).
DOUBLES I (8 teams): 1-Zachary Fusco (TN) & Bob Glass (CA), 2-Patrick Fusco (TN) & Phil Simborg (IL).
DOUBLES II (8 teams): 1-Dan Harrington (CA) & Bob Wachtel (CA), 2-Karen Davis (FL) & Lili Iravani (DC).
DOUBLES III (8 teams): 1-Antoinette Williams (NY) & Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY), 2-David Hefner (CA) & Marston Hefner (CA).
SENIORS I (32): 1-Art Benjamin (CA), 2-John Rockwell (CA), 3/4-Steve Brown (MN) / Phil Simborg (IL).
SENIORS II (32): 1/2-Frank Ley (CA) / Larry Shiller (CT), 3/4-Paul Magriel (NV) / Josh Racko (CA).
BLITZ (52): 1-Ted Chee (CA), 2-Marv Porten (CA).
DMP-USBGF PRIME TOURNAMENT (128): 1-Allen Tish (CA), 2-Ted Chee (CA), 3/4-Ted Chee (CA) / Jack Edelson (WI).


LAS VEGAS OPEN BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, November 15-19, 2017; Las Vegas, Nevada – Preliminary Results from

2015 Matt Cohn-Geier

CHAMPIONSHIP (95+31 rebuys): 1-Matt Cohn-Geier, 2-Leyla Zaloutskaya, 3/4-Lars Trabolt / Kit Woolsey; 1C-Mark Ferrin, 2C-Petko Kostadinov, 3C/4C-Sam Ahmed / Phil Simborg; 1LC-Takayuki Hino, 2LC-Stepan Nuniyants.
INTERMEDIATE (76+28 rebuys): 1-Lynda Clay, 2-James Scouten, 3/4-Frank Dama / Eric Meyer; Cons. 1C-Ghazi Al-Kinani, 2C-Ted Baehman, 3C/4C-Roz Ferris / Kevin McDonough; 1LC-Treena Bouque, 2LC-Peggy Neubig.
BEGINNER(16): 1-Mike Cyrkiel, Jr., 2-Claus Molgaard, 3-Anders Dankelev.
SUPER JACKPOT (16): 1-Falafel Natanzon, 2-Chris Trencher, 3/4-Ray Fogerlund / Dmitriy Obukhov.
LIMITED JACKPOT (16): 1-Gary Fries, 2-Zengo Dogan, 3/4-Ted Chee / Luiz Torres.
SENIORS (128): Finals: Zengo Dogan vs. Bob Stringer, 3/4-Carol Joy Cole / Charlie Raichle.
DOUBLES (22 teams): 1-Art Benjamin & Christian Briggs, 2-Alia Azamat & Victor Ashkenazi.
BLITZ (8×26): 1-Rick Silberman, 2-Peer Seiplet.
2-POINT MINI-MATCH (64): 1-Ted Chee, 2-Patrick Gibson
$100 SATURDAY JACKPOT (32): 1-Steve Sax, 2-Mark Antranikian.

Dan Wittkopp brings home the Added Money in Flint

Flint Area Club Championships – Results

USBGF member Dan Wittkopp will be representing Flint in the USBGF free-roll ABT entry tournament on March 1, 2018!!

November 12, 2017, Flint Michigan

OPEN (32)
1-MICHAEL KURTZ (Sterling Heights)
2-Dan Wittkopp (Traverse City) (<<<USBGF winner!!)
3-John Quinn (Westland)
4/6-Jim Airgood (Swartz Creek) / Gary Fritzsche
(Ypsilanti) / Greg Merriman (Ann Arbor)

1-Duane Salinas (Grand Rapids)
2-Ray Cifani (Westlake, Ohio)
3/4-John Baron (Ohio) / Darryl Newsom (Clinton Twp)
5/6-Paul Bortell (Plymouth) / Jim Lawrence (Clinton Twp)

1-Norma Lunsford (Macomb)
2-Zack Fejeran (Milford)

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, drink

Myra Gazvoda brings home the cash in Colorado Local Club Prime Initiative

Congratulations to Myra Gazvoda for winning the Colorado Local Club Prime Initiative tournament on November 12!

Myra joined the USBGF on 3 days before the event as was glad she did, as she took home the USBGF added cash as well as now representing Colorado in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018. The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

Go Myra!


CONNECTICUT STATE BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIPS, October 19-22, 2017; Windsor Locks, Connecticut –
Preliminary Results from

Bahman Zandi_2017 CT
Photo credit Karen Davis

OYSTER OPEN (40): 1-Bahman Zandi, 2-Ray Fogerlund, 3/4-Paul Stebbing / Alex Zamanian; 1C-Karen Davis, 2C-Boris Dekhtyar; 1LC-Richard Munitz.
COPPER ADVANCED (28): 1-Feliks Goykhamen, 2-Joe Potts; 1C-Robert Lessard, 2C-Wanda Roberts; 1LC-Robert Loveless, 2LC-Omar Shah.
NUTMEG NOVICE (15): 1-Jerry Shea, 2-Carlos Fonseca; 1C-Sam Mirsky
MILFORD MASTERS JACKPOT (13): 1-Larry Shiller, 2-Dennis Culpepper.
OPEN JACKPOT #1 (4): 1-Tom Rebelo
CHOUETTE TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Antoinette Williams.
ANSONIA AMATEUR JACKPOT (16): 1-Gary Oleson, 2-Al Theriault.
DMP TOURNEY (16): 1-Milton Gonzalez.
DANBURY DOUBLES (24): 1-Robert Caldwell & Robert Loveless, 2-Chris & Patty Knapp, 3/4-Liam Henry & Michael Neagu
FAIRFIELD BLITZ (16): 1-Gary Koscielny, 2-Feliks Goykhamen.


FLORIDA STATE BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP, September 29-October 2, 2017; Fort Lauderdale, Florida -Preliminary Results from

Petko Kostadinov_FL2017
Photo credit Karen Davis

SHARK OPEN (30): 1-Petko Kostadinov, 2-Ray Fogerlund; 1C-Karen Davis, 2C-Leyla Zaloutskaya ; 1LC-Avi Samuels.
PANTHER ADVANCED (36): 1-Gary Koscielny, 2-Kevin Jones, 3/4-Murray Bryntesen / Viktor Cherveda; 1C-Jerry Ungar, 2C-Stuart Farber; 1LC-Lynda Clay, 2LC-Dmitriy Veritskiy.
SOCIAL NOVICE (7): 1-Carol Litton
GATOR MASTERS (16): 1-Ray Fogerlund, 2-Michael Neagu.
FLAMINGO LIMITED JACKPOT (16): 1-Susan Randall, 2-Juan Rospigliosi.
WOLF WARM-UP (16): 1-Alec Izzo, 2-Julius High.
CHOUETTE CHALLENGE (11): 1-Susan Randall, 2-Randi Sachar.
DOLPHIN DOUBLES (8 teams): 1-Susan Randall & Carol Joy Cole, 2-Perry Gartner & Phil Simborg.
USBGF BLITZ (24): 1-
NEAL’S 1-POINTER (64): 1-Phil Simborg, 2-Alec Izzo.
BACKGAMMON BOARD KNOCKOUT (32): 1-Stacy Turner (FL), 2-Neal Rosensweig (FL).
AFTER-TOURNAMENT DOUBLES (8 teams): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI) & Susan Randall (FL), 2-Perry Gartner (FL) & Phil Simborg (IL).


COLORADO STATE BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIPS, September 22-24, 2017; Denver, Colorado –
Results from

Charlie Raichle_2017 Colorado_sm

OPEN(22): 1-Charlie Raichle (CO), 2-Joe Freedman (NM); 1C-Jonah Seewald, 2C-Sean Garber (IN).
ADVANCED (16): 1-Marc Emrich, 2-Ed Gazvoda; 1C-Eric Pfenning, 2C-Dan Minardi.
NOVICE (3): 1-Stephen Siebold.
CONTINENTAL DIVIDE MASTERS JACKPOT(12): 1-Matt Cohn-Geier (CA), 2-Alfred Mamlet (MD), 3-Allen Tish (CA).
ROYAL GORGE LIMITED JACKPOT (9): 1-Lynda Clay, 2-Ed Gazvoda.
DOUBLES(8 teams): 1-Roland Leutert (FL) & Stacy Turner (FL), 2-Harvey Gillis (AZ) & David Zick.
BLITZ(16): 1-Jonah Seewald.
2-POINT QUICKIES (32): 1-Aaron Foust (NV), 2-Ed Gazvoda.
$100 Jackpot(4): 1-Allen Tish (CA).

1st Montreal Open Backgammon Tournament

MONTREAL OPEN BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, September 14-17, 2017; Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Results from

Chris Knapp_2017 Montreal
Photo Karen Davis

OPEN (25): 1-Chris Knapp, 2-Larry Shiller; 1C-John Klein, 2C-Ed O’Laughlin; 1LC-Frank Talbot, 2LC-Mel Leifer.
ADVANCED (28): 1-Liam Henry, 2-Marcy Kossar; 1C-Chen-Fu Yu, 2C-Omar Shah; 1LC-David Kozak, 2LC-Robert Caldwell.
NOVICE (7): 1-Maxime Bilodeau, 2-Estelle Plante, 3-Kian Ghazian.
$500 CONCORDIA JACKPOT (11): 1- Karen Davis, 2-Roberto Litzenberger.
$250 HOCHELAGA JACKPOT (13): 1-Robert Caldwell, 2-Mourad Wahba
QUEBEC DOUBLES (12): 1-Gary Koscielny & Mike Valliere, 2-Estelle Plante & Kathy Weiner.
QUIKIES (32): 1-Roberto Litzenberger, 2-Herb Roman
BLITZ (32): 1-Herb Roman, 2-Garry Kallos.
SENIORS TOURNEY #1:1-Alan Grunwald, 2-John Pirner.
SENIORS TOURNEY #2: 1-Patrick St-Laurent, 2-Karen Davis.
JACQUES CARTIER PRE-TOURNEY (8): 1-Karen Davis, 2-Gary Koscielny.


SILICON VALLEY BACKGAMMON OPEN, September 1-4, 2017; San Jose, California – Preliminary Results from

(Preliminary results)

Jeremy Bagai-2017Silicon

OPEN (57): 1-Jeremy Bagai, 2/5-Ed O’Laughlin / Odis Chenault / Al Hodis / Jesse Jestadt, 6/7-Mark Ferrin / Jeb Horton, 8/11-Art Benjamin / Sean Garber / Lynn Lusk / Steve Sax.
ADVANCED (32): 1-Mike Mannon, 2/6-Kevin McDonough / Frank Bennneyan / Brian Draper / Aaron Foust / Gary Koscielny, 7/8-Glenn Nunez / Kathy Weiner.
NOVICE (5): 1-Corky Normart, 2-Dirk Olsen.
49ER GOLD RUSH MASTERS (25): 1-Mark Andrus, 2-Fred Kinder, 3/4-Steve Sax / Ted Chee.
LIMITED JACKPOT (32): 1-David Kettler, 2-Mark Ferrin, 3/4-Carl Blumenstein / Jesse Jestadt
TED CHEE BOUNTY 2-POINTERS (72): 1-Patrick Gibson, 2-Art Benjamin
DOUBLES (8): 1-Ray Fogerlund & Aaron Foust, 2-Lynda Clay & Allen Tish.
BLITZ (64): 1-Sam Ahmed, 2-Howard Markowitz
OLDER & WISER (16): 1-Karen Davis, 2-Carol Joy Cole
YOUNG GUNS (20): 1-Michaela Olsen, 2-Ted Chee
OLDER & WISER VS YOUNG GUNS PLAYOFF: 1-Karen Davis, 2-Michaela Olsen


15th WISCONSIN STATE BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIPS, July 21-23, 2017; Madison,Wisconsin –
Results from

SteveBrown_Viking 2017

CHAMPIONSHIP (32): 1-Steve Brown (MN), 2-Paul Mangone (CA); 1C-Sean Garber (IN), 2C-Chris Knapp (MA); 1LC-Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
ADVANCED (29): 1-Jeff Spencer (MN), 2-Sue Will (IL); 1C-Paul Andrew (NC), 2C-Steve Binenstock (MN); 1LC-Charles Haley (IN).
BADGER CLASSIC MASTERS (12): 1-Steve Brown (MN), 2-Michael Neagu (Canada), 3-David Rockwell (IL).
AMATEUR JACKPOT (12): 1-Ray Bills (MN), 2-Greg Adamavich (WI), 3-Paul Andrew (NC).
DOUBLES (16 teams): 1-Steve Brown (MN) & Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-April Kennedy (MN) & Michael Mesich (MN).
BLITZ (32): 1-Jeff Nitschke (MN), 2-Patrick Domico (IN).
QUICKIES (64): 1-Eric Hiner (MN), 2-April Kennedy (MN).
FASHIONABLY EARLY BIRD TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Brian Vance (MI), 2-Keene Marin (WI).
EARLY BIRD JACKPOT (16): 1-Jeff Nitschke (MN), 2-David Todd (MO).
$50 SUNDAY JACKPOT (8): 1-Paul Andrew (NC).


42nd MICHIGAN SUMMER BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIPS, June 30-July 3, 2017; Novi, Michigan –
Results from

Paul Farah_MI 2017

OPEN (85): 1-Paul Farah (MI), 2-Carter Mattig (IL), 3-Tak Morioka (IL), 4/6-John Klein (MD) / David Smith (0H) / Bahman Zandi (MD). 1C-Michael Neagu (Canada), 2C-Dmitriy Obukhov (MI), 3C/4C-Sead Kurjakovic (Bosnia) / Roberto Litzenberger (VA).
INTERMEDIATE (76): 1-Patty Knapp (MA), 2-Christopher Shanava (IL), 3-Scott Douglas (Canada), 4/6-Abby Biss (New Zealand) / Robert Caldwell (Canada) / Robert Lessard (Canada); 1C-Joe Feldman (MI), 2-Reggie Harvel (MI), 3C/4C-Duane Salinas (MI) / Brian Vance (MI).
NOVICE (18): 1-Laura Grigorian (MI), 2-Christa Solovey (MI); 1C-Mike Montalvo (MI); 1LC-Fran Miller (OH).
MICHIGAN MASTERS (32): 1-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ), 2-Alfred Mamlet (MD), 3/4-Allen Jones (Canada) / Jim Pasko (NV).
SANDY KAPLAN’S SENIOR SPECIAL (64): 1-Chen-Fu Yu (MD), 2-David Todd (MO), 3/4-Sean Garber (IN) / Joe Miller (OH).
PRINCE BARLOW’S JUNIOR JACKPOT (32): 1-Michael Kurtz (MI), 2-Patrick Domico (IN), 3/4-Di Di (GA) / Rickey Griggs (MI).
MICHIGAN CHARITY BLITZ (128): 1-Carl Sorg (GA), 2-David Zakrajsek (IN). $300 was raised for the Flint Water Fund of the United Way.
USBGF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – EAST (128): 1-Faddoul Khoury (IL), 2-John Klein (MD). $100 Side Pool: 1/3-John Klein (MD) / Roberto Litzenberger (VA) / Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY). $50 Side Pool: Kathy Weiner (NV).
USBGF GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (2): 1-West Champion Ray Fogerlund (NV), 2-East Champion Faddoul Khoury (IL).
OPEN DOUBLES (32 teams): 1-Stephen Collins (OH) & Karen Davis (DC), 2-Bill Davis (IL) & Tak Morioka (IL), 3/4-Joe Feldman (MI) & Steve Sax (CA) / Mike Montalvo (MI) & Dmitriy Obkhov (MI).
LIMITED DOUBLES (14 teams): 1-Lynn Ehrlich (NY) & Marcy Kossar (DC), 2-Vicki Ondis (FL) & Stewart Pemberton (FL).
FRANK TALBOT’S NEWCOMER FREEROLL (28): 1-Paul Mangone (CA), 2-Mike Mammo (MI).
FIRECRACKER OPEN JACKPOT (16): 1-Phil Simborg (IL), 2-Jim Slomkoski (MI).
FIRECRACKER LIMITED JACKPOT (16): 1-Ray Bills (MN), 2-Kathy Weiner (NV).
BACKGAMMON ELEGANCE OPEN JACKPOT (16): 1-Steve Brown (MN), 2-John Drexel (MI).
BACKGAMMON ELEGANCE LIMITED JACKPOT (16): 1-Peggy Neubig (NJ), 2-Peter Swartwout (PA).
$20 DETROIT QUICKIE (64): 1-Philippe Salnave (FL), 2-Phil Simborg (IL).
$10 DETROIT QUICKIE (16): 1-Ross Gordon (CT).
BACKGAMMON MASTER SERIES (USA) #6 (16): Top 4-1 match records: 1/3-Steve Brown (MN) / Karen Davis (DC) / Roberto Litzenberger (VA). Top PR scores pending.
P-40 BOARD JACKPOT (8): 1-John Stryker (IL).
$50 JACKPOT (8): 1-Di Di (GA), 2-Eric Hiner (MN).
$50 THURSDAY WARM-UP (32): 1-Patrick Gibson (CA), 2-Bill Calton (MI), 3/4-Michael Neagu (Canada) / FrankTalbot (MI).
$30 THURSDAY WARM-UP (32): 1-Carl Sorg (GA), 2-Robert Caldwell (Canada), 3/4-Gary Fritzsche (MI) / Richard Hunt (MI).
$20 THURSDAY WARM-UP (10): 1-Dick Nelson (MI), 2/3-Brenda Cohen (PA) / Shawn Lavetter (MI).
$50 AFTER TOURNAMENT (24): 1-Jim Pasko (NV), 2-Jeb Horton (NC), 3/4-Ray Fogerlund (NV) / Philippe Salnave (FL).
$20 AFTER TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Butch Meese (IN), 2/3-Mike Clapsadle (MI) / Ricky Griggs (MI).

37th Chicago Open Results

37th CHICAGO OPEN BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, May 25-29, 2017; Rosemont, Illinois –
Results from

Alfred Mamlet_2017 Chicago
Photo credit: Tara Mendicino

BACKGAMMON OLYMPIAD (10): 1-Gerry Tansey (MO), 2-Michihito Kageyama (Japan).
OLYMPIAD QUIZ (10): 1-Michihito Kageyama (Japan), 2-John O’Hagan (IN), 3-Gerry Tansey (MO).
CHAMPIONSHIP (52): 1-Alfred Mamlet (MD), 2/7-Daniel Dabney (IN) / Yuji Ogura (Japan) / Boris Dekhtyar (NY) / Grant Hoffman (New Zealand) / Lynn Lusk (CO) / Larry Shiller (CT).
INTERMEDIATE (50) 1-Ray Bills (MN), 2/6-Kevin McDonough (AZ) / Kathleen Davis (KS) / Patrick Domico (IN) / Simon Kennedy Rose (IL) / Jeff Spencer (MN).
NOVICE(5): 1-Galia Miloucheva (IL), 2-Chelsea Bussey (LA).
MARKOWITZ MASTERS (16): 1-Michihito Kageyama (Japan), 2-Mark Ferrin (OR).
FASTER MASTERS (12): 1-Steve Blanchard (IL), 2-Alfred Mamlet (MD), 3-Ray Fogerlund (NV).
LIMITED JACKPOT (48): 1-Michael Mesich (MN), 2-Ken Tyszko (IL), 3-Steve Hairgrove (IL), 4/6-Frank Dama (FL) / Kevin McDonough (AZ) / Larry Whittenburg (IL).
SENIORS TOURNAMENT (32): 1-John Pirner (MN), 2-Frank Dama (FL).
1-POINT QUICKIE / USBGF PRIME (128): 1-Steve Brown (MN), 2-Craig Anderson (IL), 3/4-Aaron Foust (NV) / Josh Racko (CA).
1-POINT QUICKIE OVERFLOW (32): 1-Steve Hairgrove (IL).
DOUBLES TOURNAMENT (16 teams): 1-Frank & Monica Talbot (MI), 2-Steve Brown (MN) & Carol Joy Cole (MI).
TAKI BOARD TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Steve Brown (MN), 2-April Kennedy (MN).
MOCHY’S 7th PROFICIENCY TEST (35): 1-Gerry Tansey (MO), 2/3-Chuck Bower (IN) / Dennis Culpepper (VA).
AFTER TOURNEY TOURNEY(16): 1-Grant Hoffman (New Zealand), 2-John O’Hagan (IN).
AFTER TOURNEY OVERFLOW(4): 1-Yuji Ogura (Japan).


May 18-21, 2017; Atlanta, Georgia –
Results from


CHAMPIONSHIP (25): 1-Brian Lonergan (LA), 2-Stacy Turner (FL); 1C-Dennis Culpepper (VA), 2C-Mary Hickey (OH); 1LC-Carol Joy Cole (MI).
INTERMEDIATE (23): 1-Kate Elmore (GA), 2-David Stein (IL); 1C-Alan Epstein (GA), 2C-Scott Redfern (GA); 1LC-Mark Cohen (GA).
NOVICE (4): 1-Jeremy Coppels (GA), 2-Jan Lister (GA).
ROBERT WILENSKY MEMORIAL MASTERS (8): 1-Stacy Turner (FL), 2-Julius High (KS).
ATLANTA CUP AMATEUR JACKPOT (8): 1-Stuart Domeshek (GA), 2-Adrian Costa (GA).
DOUBLES (16 teams): 1-Jerry Godsey (GA) & Roland Leutert (FL), 2-Carol Joy Cole (MI) & Carter Mattig (IL).
MINI-MATCH (64): 1-Forrest Faulk (GA), 2-Adrian Costa (GA).
SENIORS TOURNAMENT (32): 1-Mary Hickey (OH), 2-Stacy Turner (FL).
THURSDAY WARM-UP (21): 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 2-Phil Simborg (IL); 1C-Adrian Costa (GA).
P-40 BOARD TOURNAMENT (8): 1-Koray Agirbas (GA), 2-Rick Gardner (GA).
$50 JACKPOT #1 (8): 1-Sam Ahmed (CA).
$50 JACKPOT #2 (8): 1-Aaron Foust (NV).
AFTER TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Mary Hickey (OH), 2-Adrian Costa (GA).


US OPEN BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP, April 26-30, 2017; Las Vegas, Nevada-
Preliminary Results from

MCG 2013_cjc

CHAMPIONSHIP (64+26 rebuys): 1-Matt Cohn-Geier (CA), 2-Alex Toth (WA), 3/4-Doug Mayfield (CA) / Norm Wiggins (CA); 1C-Tom Wheeler (TX), 2C-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 3C/4C-Mark Antranikian (CA) / Jon Vietor (CA); 1LC-Scott Ward (TX), 2LC-Ted Chee (CA).
INTERMEDIATE (60+28 rebuys): 1-Rick Voeller, 2-Patrick Fusco (TN), 3/4-Lynda Clay (CO) / Elli Nache (CA); 1C-Tom Magne (MN), 2C-Jeff Whitelaw (NV), 3C/4C-Amorim de Lattuffe (Brazil) / Lorne Rusnell (Canada); 1LC-Paul Franks (NV), 2LC-Ken Johnson (CA).
BEGINNERS (13): 1-Frank Benneyam (CA), 2-Kevin Davidson (CA).
SUPER JACKPOT (28): 1-Drew Giovanis (NV), 2-Jacob “Stick” Rice (OH), 3/4-Matt Cohn-Geier (CA) / Steve Sax (CA).
LIMITED JACKPOT (30): 1-Josh Racko (CA), 2-Michael Neagu (Canada), 3/4-Paul Baraz (MD) / Allen Tish (CA).
BEGINNERS JACKPOT (10): 1-Regan Lambeth (CA), 2-Kevin Davidson (CA).
SENIORS TOURNAMENT (64): 1-Stepan Nuniyants (WA), 2-Ed Rosenblum (NM).
DOUBLES TOURNAMENT (18 teams): 1-Patrick Fusco (TN) & Joe Russell (CA), 2-Kristi Christman (WA) & Chris Innes.
BLITZ (16×8): 1-Brian Hoeft (NV), 2-Patrick Gibson (CA).
MINI-MATCH (64): 1-Ted Chee (CA), 2-Armin Soltani (Canada).
$100 SATURDAY JACKPOT (30): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Steve Diano (NV).
AFTER TOURNAMENT TOURNAMENT (29): 1-Scott Ward (TX), 2-Ken Bame (CA).


CHERRY BLOSSOM CHAMPIONSHIP, April 6-9, 2017; Dulles, Virginia –
Results from

Joe Russell_2016_US Open_tm

CHAMPIONSHIP(64): 1-Joe Russell (CA), 2-Tobias Hellwag (Germany), 3- Bahman Zandi (MD), 4/5 – Victor Ashkenazi (NJ)/John O’Hagan (IN). Consolation: 1-Antoinette-Marie Williams (NY), 2-Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan), 3C/4C Steve Brown (MN), Brent Cohen (PA)
ADVANCED(50): 1-Liam Henry (Canada), 2-Scotty Kelland (CT), 3-Marcy Kossar (MD), 4/5 Judy Field (MI), Jay Karns (NY), 1C-Omar Shah (Canada), 2C-Gary Koscielny (NY), 3/4C – Steve Kenney (NC), Tom Rebelo (Canada).
NOVICE (23): 1-Chris Chapin (DC), 2-Michael Rosen (NY), 1C-Vinson Blanton (VA), 2C Sabin Bokus (DC).
CHERRY BLOSSOM JACKPOT (8): 1-Steve Sax (CA), 2-Kit Woolsey (CA), 3/4-Saba Benjanishvili (GA)/ Victor Askkenazi (NJ). PR Winner Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan)
GEORGE WASHINGTON MASTERS JACKPOT (32): 1-Ken Bame (CA), 2-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 3/4- Sean Garber (IN)/ Chris Trencher(NY).
ABRAHAM LINCOLN LIMITED JACKPOT (32): 1-Bob Hathaway (VA), 2-Tom Rebelo (Canada), 3/4- Ghazi Al-Kinani (VA), Phil Lerman (DC).
NOVICE JACKPOT (8): 1-Vinson Blanton (VA); 2-Jamie Rosen (NY).
SENIOR SENATORS / YOUNG POLITICOS (48 = 32): Playoffs: 1-Kent Goulding (MD), 2-Rory Pascar (IL). Senior Senators (60-up): 1-Kent Goulding (MD), 2/3-Peggy Neubig (NJ) / Chen-Fu Yu (MD); Young Politicos (under 60): 1/2-Rory Pascar (IL).
USBGF BLITZ (80): 1-John O’Hagan (IN), 2-Dennis Culpepper (VA).
USBGF TOURNAMENT OF STARS (16 Teams): 1-Patty Knapp (MA) & Roberto Litzenberger (VA), 2-Jamie Rosen (NY) & Phil Simborg (IL).
HALL OF STATES / EMBASSY ROW TEAM CHALLENGE (11 teams): 1/2 split – Sugar Daddies (MD): Kent Goulding, John Klein & Bill Finneran / Wizards of Odds (CA): Joe Russell, Jim Pasko & Paul Baraz.
TAVLA (8): 1-Mustafa Sayid (VA); 2-Stephen Saad (NC)
ALFRED MAMLET NEWCOMERS’ FREE ROLL (13): 1-Dan Renzi (PA), 2-Sabin Bokus (DC), 3/4-Steve Shindler (NY) / Joe Urso (VA).
BMAB (USA) #5 (10): 1/2 tie – Steve Brown (MN) / Vladi Gudgenov (NC). PR winner: John Klein (MD) – 3.77.
$20 JACKPOT #1 (8): Jay Karns (NY)
$20 JACKPOT #2 (8): James Hallamayer (VA)
$20 JACKPOT #3 (8): Victor Morawski (MD)
$50 JACKPOT #1 (8): Larry Brown (VA)
$50 JACKPOT #2 (8): Stuart Domeshek (GA)
$50 JACKPOT #3 (8) Herb Roman (IL)


March 24-26, 2017; Cleveland, Ohio-
Results from

Photo credit Carol Joy Cole

OPEN (32): 1-Jacek Wojciechowski (Poland), 2-Sean Garber (IN); 1C-Jacob “Stick” Rice (OH), 2C-Karen Davis (DC).
ADVANCED (45): 1-Gary Koscielny (NY), 2-Mike Clapsadle (MI); 1C-Mike Vasilatos (OH); 2C-Ben Elliott (NC); 1LC-Ricky Griggs (MI).
NOVICE (6): 1-Jeff Hoelzel (IL), 2-Christa Solovey (MI).
OHIO MASTERS (15): 1-Jacob “Stick” Rice (OH), 2-Karen Davis (DC).
AMATEUR JACKPOT (16): 1-Ben Elliott (NC), 2-Gary Koscielny (NY).
DOUBLES (12 teams): 1-Mike Vasilatos (OH) & Bill Versaw (PA), 2-Doug & Wanda Roberts (MA).
MICRO BLITZ (32): 1-Bonnie Rogoff (OH), 2-Carol Joy Cole (MI).
QUICKIES (32): 1-Bonnie Rogoff (OH), 2-Phil Simborg (IL).
P-40 BOARD TOURNAMENT (4): 1-Dion Hogan (MI).
THURSDAY WARM-UP (13): 1-Ben Elliott (NC), 2-Joe Miller (OH).


2017 Viking Classic BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, March 9-12, 2017; Bloomington, Minnesota –
Results from


ODIN OPEN (32): 1-Steve Brown (MN), 2-Ed O’Laughlin (VA); 1C-Roberto Caprio (FL), 2C-Yury Millman (MN), 3C/4C-Jack Edelson (WI) / Jim Schothorst (ND).
THOR ADVANCED (40): 1-Mike Blankenau (NE), 2-Kurt Peterson (MN); 1C-Simon Kennedy Rose (IL), 2C-Jeff Willis (MN), 3C/4C-Rick Davis (MN) / Tom Magne (MN).
VIKING NOVICE (11): 1-Mark Sigel (MN), 2-Tina Nelson (MN); 1C-Tom Dolney (MN).
GRAND CRYSTAL BEAVER XVIII (12): 1-Harvey Gillis (AZ), 2-Jack Edelson (WI).
LONGSHIP JACKPOT (8): 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 2-Ralph Stowell (MN).
FRIDAY FRIGGA (43): 1-Julius High (KS), 2-Jeff Spencer (MN).
RAINBOW BRIDGE DOUBLES (16 teams): 1-Blake Fleetwood (NY) & Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY), 2-Carol Joy Cole (MI) & Joe Potts (TX).
VIKING CONQUESTS (40): 1/2 split-Ed O’Laughlin (VA) / Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY).
QUICK RAIDS (32): 1/2 split-Dave McKenzie (KS) / Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
VALHALLA OPEN (10): 1-Michael Neagu (Canada), 2-Eric Hiner (MN).
VALHALLA ADVANCED (15): 1-Joe Briggs (MN), 2-David Seiler (MN).
EARLY RAVEN OPEN (20): 1/2 split-Kurt Peterson (MN) / Ray Fogerlund (NV); 1C-Eric Meyer (Canada).
EARLY RAVEN ADVANCED (15): 1-Joe Briggs (MN), 2-Rick Davis (MN); 1C-Gregg Trunnell (MN).
GAMMON STUFF BOARD TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Jeff Spencer (MN), 2-Jeff Nitschke (MN).
VIKING FUNERAL (11): 1-Lorina Quarterone (MN).
RAGNARÖK AFTER TOURNEY (11): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Jon Vietor (CA).


1st ANNUAL BOSTON OPEN BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIPS, February 23-26, 2017; Boston, Massachusetts –
Results from

2017 Frank Raposa_Boston Open
Photo credit Karen Davis

OPEN (44): 1-Frank Raposa (VA), 2-Boris Dekhtyar (NY); 1C-Albert Steg (MA), 2C-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ); 1LC-Bill Robertie (MA).
AMHERST ADVANCED (32): 1-Adam Rosen (MA), 2-Daniel Bluestone (VA); 1C-Chen-Fu Yu (MD), 2C-Steve Morrow (MA); 1LC-Garry Kallos (Canada).
NANTUCKET NOVICE (6): 1-Richard Battikha (CT), 2-Larry Roberg (CT), 3-Steven Valliere (MA).
HERB GURLAND MEMORIAL MASTERS (15): 1-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ), 2-Dennis Culpepper (VA).
WORCESTER WARM-UP (4): 1-Felix Goykhman (NJ).
PITTSFIELD PRE-TOURNEY (28): 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 2-Gerhard Roland (CT); 1C-Michael Kay (MA).
BUNKER HILL BLITZ: 1-Gary Koscielny (NY), 2-Kent Goulding (MD).
AGAWAM AMATEUR JACKPOT #1 (8): 1-Felix Goykhman (NJ), 2-Garry Kallos (Canada).
AGAWAM AMATEUR JACKPOT #2 (8): 1-Colin Stone (ME), 2-Gary Zelmanovics (NJ).
OAK BLUFFS OPEN JACKPOT (8): 1-Boris Dekhtyar (NY), 2-Albert Steg (MA).
DEDHAM DOUBLES (16 teams): 1-Blake Fleetwood (NY) & Gary Zelmanovics (NJ), 2-Tom O’Riordan (MA) & Eric Sulkala (MA).


2017 SUNSHINE STATE CLASSIC BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, February 17-19, 2017; Clearwater, Florida –
Results from

Photo credit: Karen Davis

OPEN (14): 1-Bob Carpenter (FL), 2-Stacy Turner (FL); 1LC-Chris Knapp (MA).
INTERMEDIATE (20): 1-Rick Wolf (FL), 2-Kevin Jones (FL); 1LC-Susan Randall (FL).
NOVICE (2): 1-Marion Roland (FL).
MASTERS (4): 1-Stacy Turner (FL).
GULF COAST DOUBLES (8 teams): 1-Chris & Patty Knapp (MA).
CHOUETTE CHALLENGE (7+1): 1-Stacy Turner (FL), 2-Susan Randall (FL), 3-Rick Wolf (FL).
AFTER- TOURNEY TOURNAMENT (8): 1-Marion Roland (FL).


5th TEXAS BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIPS,February 2-5, 2017; San Antonio, Texas.
Results from

Antoinette-Marie Williams_2017 Texas
Photo credit Tara Mendacino

CHAMPIONSHIP (72+30 rebuys): 1-Antoinette-Marie Williams (NY), 2-Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY), 3/4-Gus Contos (CA) / Richard Munitz (NY); 1C-Alfred Mamlet (MD), 2C-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ); 1LC-Neil Kazaross (IL), 2LC-Bob Wachtel (CA).
ADVANCED (42+14 rebuys): 1-Elena Evans (TX), 2-Dan Morse (TX); 1C-Aaron Foust (NV), 2C-Steve Saad (NC), 3C/4C-Chris Anderson (NC) / Leslie Lockett;; 1LC-Patti Rubin (NV).
LIMITED (23): 1-Brad Vogt (TX), 2-Mary Kay Lively (TX); 1C-Regan Lambeth (CA), 2C-Frank Ramia (TX); 1LC-Michael Gellings (WI).
LONGHORN CLASSIC MASTERS JACKPOT (32): 1/2-Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan) / Alfred Mamlet (MD).
ALAMO CLASSIC LIMITED JACKPOT (32): 1-Dave Kettler (TX), 2-Albert Steg (MA), 3/4-Nick Blasier (TX) / Michael Neagu (Canada).
TEXAS CLASSIC ADVANCED JACKPOT (23): 1-Treena Bouque (CA), 2-Ryan Gordon (TX).
USBGF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – WEST (104): 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 2-Albert Steg (MA).
USBGF PRIME TOURNAMENT FREEROLL (64): 1-Steve Brown (MN), 2-Dave McKenzie (KS).
USBGF PRIME TOURNAMENT FREEROLL OVERFLOW (12): 1/3-April Kennedy (MN) / Patti Rubin (CA) / Steve Sax (CA).
LONE STAR PRO-AM DOUBLES (6 teams): 1-Harvey Gillis (AZ) & Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 2-Karen Davis (DC) & Kit Woolsey (CA).
SENIORS TOURNAMENT #1 (64): 1-Herb Roman (IL), 2-Sam Ahmed (CA), 3/4-Ed O’Laughlin (VA) / Albert Steg (MA).
SENIORS TOURNAMENT #2 (48): 1-Kit Woolsey (CA), 2-Rafael Lopez de Lara (Mexico), 3-Patrick Gibson (CA).
SPEEDGAMMON (32): 1-Frank Talbot (MI), 2-Michael Zakrajsek (TX).
ZOMBIE SUNDAY JACKPOT (8): 1/2-Ian Terry (TX) / Dave Zick (CO).
AMERICAN BACKGAMMON HALL OF FAME: 2017 Inductees – Ray Fogerlund (NV), Joe Russell (CA), Mike Svobodny (FL).


10th NEW YORK METROPOLITAN BACKGAMMON OPEN January 5-8, 2017; Jersey City, New Jersey
Results from


CHAMPIONSHIP (71+23 rebuys): 1-Jeff Acierno (NJ), 2-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 3/4-Raj Jansari (England) / Michael Neagu (Canada); 1C-Karen Davis (DC), 2C-Matvey “Falafel” Natanzon (Israel/USA), 3C/4C-Larry Shiller (CT) / Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY); 1LC-John Klein (MD), 2LC-Nick Blasier (TX).
INTERMEDIATE (72+22 rebuys): 1-Samuel Wang (NY), 2-Liam Henry (Canada), 3/4-Jay Karns (NY) / Kevin Walsh (NJ); 1C-Monty Haskins (NY), 2C-Brandon Macklin (MD), 3C/4C-Michael Robinson (NY) / Omar Shah (Canada); 1LC-Arthur Sutton (NJ), 2LC-Sam Ahmed (CA).
ADVANCED BEGINNER (19): 1-Jonathan Berkowitz (NY), 2-Sohei Yasuda (VA); 1C-Dan Schechner (NY), 2C-Michele Saferstein (NY); 1LC-Carlos Fonseca (Costa Rica).
BEGINNER (16): 1-Chris Coppa (NY), 2-Paul Schechner (NJ); 1C-Lili Iravani (DC); 1LC-Ron Silver (NY).
LIBERTY CUP MASTERS (32): 1-Tobias Hellwag (Germany), 2-Raj Jansari (England), 3/4-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ) / Al Hodis (NV).
LIMITED JACKPOT (32): 1-Claude Landry (Canada), 2-Sam Ahmed (CA), 3/4-Alan Grunwald (NJ) / Gary Zelmanovics (NJ).
LIMITED JACKPOT OVERFLOW (16): 1-Kathy Weiner (NV), 2/3-Garry Kallos (Canada) / Tony Wuersch (RI).
USBGF PRIME 2-POINT MINI-MATCH TOURNAMENT (128): 1-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 2-Albert Steg (MA), 3/4-John Klein (MD) / Tony Wuersch (RI).
BLITZ (136): 1-Jay Karns (NY), 2-Peter Kasturas (NJ).
NEW YORK DOUBLES (32 teams): 1-Tobias Hellwag (Germany) & Serge Rived (France), 2-Jeff Acierno (NJ) & Steve Keats (NY).
OVERFLOW DOUBLES (8 teams): 1-Nevzat Dogan (Denmark) & Steve Hammond (TX), 2-Shay Asraff (NV) & Carol Joy Cole (MI).
SENIORS TOURNAMENT (64): 1-Philippe Salnave (FL), 2-David Alagheband Zadeh (NY), 3/4-Chris Trencher (NY) / Marty Weber (VA).
OVERFLOW SENIORS TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Ron Weinstock (NY), 2-Alan Grunwald (NJ).
LINDSAY MATTIG JACKPOT (16): 1-Jay Karns (NY), 2-Antoinette-Marie Williams (NY).