Socrates knew a thing or two – OLM the USBGF Member Benefit you never heard of!

“what is the meaning of life?”

“When do you leave your anchor?”

“On the Final Roll do you double from 2 away 4 away with 2 on the deuce?”

Questions that would do Socrates proud.  The Socratic Method – Question, Answer, Debate, Learn!

[The is MSA (Member Services Announcement) #1, the first in a series of articles covering USBGF membership benefits]

One of the best kept secret USBGF Membership Benefits is the OLM (OnLine Match), as described by OLM Moderator Jason Lee:

I’m the moderator of the USBGF OLM, which has been in action since 2012.  The USBGF Members play a match against Neil Kazaross, at the pace of one move per day.  There is a vote each day on the move to make.  Think of the OLM as a giant consulting match — Neil Kazaross vs. the collective mind of the USBGF Members.

I have an email mailing list where people can get an update when a new position is posted for voting.  I try to put up a new position every day — occasionally days slip by without a vote, but lately I’ve been pretty on top of it.

One does not need to be on the mailing list to vote.  To vote, you could just go to the USBGF site, and look in the middle under “What’s New” — you can see a link that says “USBGF OLM” and then a date.  If you click on that, it brings you to the most recent posting.  Each posting will give the previous day’s position, a rollout, and the voting results.  Then I have expert commentary, currently written by Grant Hoffman and Steve Sax (formerly by Marty Storer and Mary Hickey).  After that, Neil has his position that he has to play, and gives his commentary.  Finally at the bottom, there’s a position to vote on, with a box to type in your move.  One must be a USBGF Member and be logged into the site with their USBGF credentials to vote.  I receive all the votes, tabulate them, and the move with the most votes is what is actually played by the USBGF Members.  I tabulate the results, get the commentary from my expert panel, get Neil’s move and commentary, and start all over again.

When I make the post each day, I send out that email to inform people that there is a new vote in the offing.

On each day’s posting, there is a place at the bottom where people can comment on the play, offering their opinions and generally discussing the move at hand.

On average, about 30 people vote each day.  The mailing list currently numbers around 80… not everybody participates every single day.

I think the OLM has value to players of all skill level.  There are a number of of Open level players who participate regularly, along with plenty of Intermediate and Beginners.  I think the skill level of the participating players varies widely.  In spite of that diversity of skill level, the USBGF Members, as a collective mind, play at a World Class level.



The OLM alone makes USBGF membership worthwhile to me.”  S.T. 2/27/18

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Simborg Video Lesson: The Rule of Four.
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