California State Championships — $1000 Added Money for USBGF members!

The California State Championship at the Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Airport is just around the corner! Gammon Associates presents the California State Championships, Dec. 1-3, with a full slate of ABT events, plus the SUPER-32, the Paul Dingwell Amateur, Doubles, Seniors, Jackpots and Blitzes. Be there for Mochy’s Proficiency Exam Saturday, followed by the Calcutta Auction. Get the exam answers on Sunday from Mochy and Phil Simborg.

$1000 additional money is available for USBGF members, so join or renew your membership before you go. All Novice entrants will receive a book prize from the U.S. Backgammon Foundation and first-time Novice entrants will receive a free one-year trial membership. Do encourage local club players and family members who are new to tournament play to give it a try. Full details at

Also make a note of upcoming 2018 ABT tournaments with added money for USBGF members:
NY Metro, Jan 18 – 21, 2018, with $500 added.
Texas Backgammon Championship, Feb 1 – 4, 2018, with $500 added.
Boston Open, February 22-25, Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Logan, Boston, MA with $375 added
•Ohio State, March 16-18, Marriott, Cleveland, OH with $375 added
•U.S. Open, April 11-15, Flamingo, Las Vegas NV with $500 added
•Atlanta Spring Classic, Hilton, College Park, GA April 26-29 with $250 added
•Cherry Blossom Championship, May 13-13, Hyatt at Dulles Airport with $500 added

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