Bray’s Learning Curve: Point Clearance

Unlimited Games. How should Red play 22?

Basic Beginners 22


 This is a straightforward problem once you understand the basic strategy.

There is an old backgammon maxim, “A point cleared is a point not to be feared”.

Blocking points, which start off as assets, become liabilities as you seek to bear all your checkers into your home board. In this position Red’s 8-pt has done its work and is fast becoming a liability.

Red has to leave an indirect shot whatever he plays here so he should take the opportunity to clear the 8-pt now.

Therefore, three of the twos are 13/11, 8/6(2). For the fourth two 6/4 is better than 4/2 because it keeps that checker in play, thus giving Red more flexibility in the bear-off.

The key point about this problem is to understand how points transition from assets to liabilities and how to deal with that.

Remember: “A point cleared is a point not to be feared.”

Rollout Information from Extreme Gammon

 Basic Beginners Rollout 22


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