Help us meet the fantastic interest in forming backgammon clubs at colleges and secondary schools! Donate used boards by sending to Phil Simborg USBGF Education Adviser, 1230 N. State Parkway, apt. 6C, Chicago IL  60610 (312-543-0522) or contacting Phil at  Or volunteer to help with a college or secondary school in your area. Or make a tax-deductible donation to the U.S. Backgammon Foundation by sending a check in any amount, made out to the U.S. Backgammon Foundation, to Karen Davis, Treasurer, 4838 Laurel Hill Place, Toledo, Ohio 43614, annotating the memo line:  Boards for Kids program. 


Harvey Gillis, Rochelle Hasson and Phil Simborg

 It’s happening; more and more young people are learning how to play backgammon, and loving it.  One reason is that the USBGF has been instrumental in starting and supporting backgammon clubs from major universities to elementary schools, from California to Chicago to New York City.  In the next few years, you will start seeing a lot of new, young faces at tournaments, and backgammon is going to grow significantly as a result.

We have found that if we can put backgammon boards in the hands of students of all ages, they take them home and play with their friends and family, and the game’s popularity spreads as kids become as enthused with backgammon as we all are.  We have managed to find some great deals where discounted backgammon boards are available to us for $10 to $30!

As a result of donations from a small group of people made in the past, we have given away dozens of free backgammon boards to students all over the country, and we truly want to thank those people who have been kind enough to donate money and boards to this end (see list below).

However, our success has resulted in some “growing pains.” Now, the money  kindly donated has been spent,  more and more clubs have started and are about to start, and we need more funding.  A nominal contribution goes a long way, given the special purchase deals we have found.  In no time you will see the results of your investment as new young players enter our skill-based sport, awakening backgammon’s popularity throughout the country once again through this next generation.

Our young people are the future and we can enrich their lives.  Make a donation and your name will be added to our Educational Sponsor List. Your donation will do much to help the Education Committee of the USBGF continue to spread the popularity of backgammon.  Thanks for your support!

We wish to thank the following people who have already donated to this program:

  • Jim Allen
  • Cheryl Andersen
  • Michelle Andersen
  • Mark Antrankian
  • Jeremy Bagai
  • Ken Bame
  • Bill Bartholomay
  • Steve Blanchard
  • Dorn Bishop
  • Karen Davis
  • Pohatan French
  • Perry Gartner
  • Harvey Gillis
  • Alan Grunwald
  • Rochelle Hasson
  • Neil Kazaross
  • Larry Liebster
  • Alfred Mamlet
  • Marcel Mander
  • Carter Mattig
  • Pat McCormick
  • Gregg Merriman
  • Phil Simborg
  • Kurt Thompson
  • David Wetzell
  • 3 anonymous donors


  1. arthur clark says:

    Thanks for the boards. Backgammon is starting to take off at Luther Burbank High School. The math teachers are giving extra credit to students who play backgammon before school. Lots of interest and fun!

  2. arthur clark says:

    I would be very interested in buying some boards for my students. I am willing to pay for them. Are any available? I know the discounted ($30) are probably gone, but what do you have?


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