USBGF Intermediate Divisional LXVIII

Ira Gardner_Int Div

Congratulations to Ira Gardner, winner of the Intermediate Divisional LXVIII. Ira defeated Luiz Rocha in the 13-point final. Konstantin Keresteliev and Richard Casten finished 3/4 in the 11-point semi-final. The Intermediate Divisional requires players to have a Circuit Elo rating of 1500.00 and lower at the time of registration. See current online tournament ratings at Online Circuit Leaderboard. For more information or to register for other tourneys go to the USBGF Online Circuit Tournament Calendar at

USBGF Advanced Divisional LXXV


Congratulations to Kara Schultz, winner of the Advanced Divisional LXXV. Kara defeated Jasper Watertor in the 17-point final. Patricia Johnson and Frank Costello finished 3/4 in the 15-point semi-final.

The Advanced Divisional requires players have a Circuit Elo rating between 1500.01 – 1649.99 at the time of registration. See current online standings: Leader Board.


Results from

HOPE ‘N OPEN (36): 1-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 2-Robert Caldwell (Canada), 3/4-Ben Friesen (MI) / Gary Koscielny (FL); 1C-Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY), 2C-Frank Raposa (VA); 1LC-Emil Mortuk (MI).
ENTRANCED ADVANCED (30): 1-Daniel Bluestone (VA), 2-Daniel Adler (NY); 1C-Dan Minardi (CO), 2C-Omar Shah (Canada); 1LC-Bill Porter (CT), 2LC-Gary Zelmanovics (NJ).
NOVEL NOVICE (7): 1-Scout Jones (CT), 2-Anna Popp (CT), 3-Jordan McCollom (CT).
MASTERS (16): 1-Alan Grunwald (NJ), 2-Frank DiMaggio (NY).
OPEN JACKPOT (8): 1-Gary Koscielny (FL), 2-Leon Marini (NJ).
ADVANCED JACKPOT (8): 1-Ryan Rebelo (Canada), 2-Robert Loveless (Canada).
ELDERS JACKPOT (16): 1-Felix Goykhman (NJ), 2-Allen Tish (CA).
GRINCH SPEEDGAMMON (12): 1/3-split: Cary Hoarty (OH) / Dan Minardi (CO / Gary Zelmanovics (NJ).
DOUBLES (24 teams): 1-Boris Dekhtyar (NY) & Felix Goykhman (NJ), 2-Daniel Bluestone (VA) & Bahman Zandi (MD), 3-Jay Karns (NY) & Donny Lomuto (NY).
BLITZ #1 (8): 1-Marty Storer (NH), 2-Jerry Shea (NY).
BLITZ #2 (8): 1-Gary Koscielny (NY), 2-Al Theriault (CT).
BLITZ #3 (8): 1-Dan Adler (NY), 2-Louis Bedell (PA).
PRE-TOURNEY (16): 1-Jay Karns (NY), 2-Steve Douglas (MA).
WARM-UP (8): 1-Andrew Liebenthal (NJ), 2-Felix Goykhman (NJ).


SUNNY FLORIDA BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP, October 10-13, 2019; Fort Lauderdale, Florida –
Results from

Ed O'Laughlin-Florida 2019

CHAMPIONSHIP (51): 1-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 2-Cary Hoarty (OH), 3-Philippe Salnave (FL), 4/5-Roberto Litzenberger (VA) / Stacy Turner (FL); 1C-Leyla Zaloutskaya (NY), 2C-Ray Zamani (MD), 3C/4C-Cameron Govonlu (MA) / Kit Woolsey (CA).
ADVANCED (48): 1-Clement McNally (FL), 2-Kevin Jones (FL), 3/4-Daniel Bluestone (VA) / Alec Izzo (FL); 1C-April Kennedy (MN), 2C-Eugen Möbius (FL), 3C/4C-Marcy Kossar (MD) / Rick Wolf (FL).
NEWCOMER (12): 1-Katherine Hortenstine (FL), 2-Jamie Cruz (FL); 1C-John Savio (NY), 2C-Monica Talbot (MI).
MIAMI MASTERS JACKPOT (24): 1-Chris Trencher (NY), 2-Cameron Govonlu (MA), 3-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ).
ORLANDO OPEN JACKPOT (20): 1-Stacy Turner (FL), 2-Carol Joy Cole (MI).
LAUDERDALE LIMITED JACKPOT (16): 1-Jim Glover (FL), 2-Eric Stevens (FL).
PALM BEACH PRO-AM DOUBLES (32 teams): 1-Loy Anderson (FL) & Eugen Möbius (FL), 2-Perry Gartner (FL) & Clement McNally (FL), 3/4-Jason Briggs (FL) & Tom Kelly (FL) / Susan Randall (FL) & Stacy Turner (FL).
OLDER AND WISER (32): 1-Kevin Jones (FL), 2-Ray Zamani (MD).
YOUNG AND RESTLESS (16): 1-Art Benjamin (CA), 2-Chris Link (FL).
FTH BOARD TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Robert Christensen (FL), 2-Peter Albury (Bahamas).
GAMMONGUYS BOARD EVENT (8): 1-Allen Tish (CA), 2-Art Benjamin (CA).
USBGF JACKPOT (32): 1-Blake Fleetwood (NY), 2-Pavel Zaoral (Czech Republic).
BMAB-USA #12 (20): 1-Gary Koscielny (FL), 2/4-Carlos Azcarate (FL) / Marcy Kossar (MD) / Philippe Salnave (FL). PR results pending: 1/2-Kit Woolsey (CA) / Michihito Kageyama (Japan), 3-Jim Stutz (CT).
$100 Knockout (8): 1-Gary Koscielny (FL).$50 WARM-UP (22): 1-Dmitriy Vernitskiy (FL), 2-Kit Woolsey (CA), 3/4-Marcy Kossar (MD) / Roland Leutert (FL).
$20 WARM-UP (8): 1-Jerry Shea (NY), 2-Irina Litzenberger (VA).

USBGF Advanced Divisional LXXIV

Mehdi Showkati 2019

Congratulations to Mehdi Showkati, winner of the Advanced Divisional LXXIV. Mehdi defeated Tom Courts in the 17-point final. Mary Morse and Cynthis Belonogoff finished 3/4 in the 15-point semi-final.

The Advanced Divisional requires players have a Circuit Elo rating between 1500.01 – 1649.99 at the time of registration. See current online standings: Leader Board.

American Backgammon Hall of Fame (HOF)

American Backgammon Hall of Fame (HOF)
Call for Nominations

The American Backgammon Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals who have achieved extraordinary playing results and/or have made extraordinary contributions to the game of backgammon in the United States. Candidates are not limited to those who are American citizens, provided that they have met eligibility requirements.

Use the Hall of Fame Nominations Form to nominate a candidate for this significant honor. All USBGF members with active memberships are invited to nominate candidates for consideration by the USBGF Hall of Fame Committee. You must be logged into the USBGF website to access the form. The Committee will very thoroughly vet the qualifications of all nominees. Please carefully note the qualifications addressed below.

Candidates to the HOF should be individuals who have:

1. A significant body of work over a very substantial period of time, in or for the game of backgammon in the United States, as players, directors, authors, publishers, promoters, teachers, and/or innovators;
2. Realized exceptional accomplishments;

a.Demonstrated remarkable skills through success over the board for decades. And/or…
b.Gained achievements and recognition among the U.S. backgammon community for the majority of a long career.

The period of time suggested above by the phrases ‘very substantial period of time’, ‘over the board for decades’, and ‘for the majority of a long career’ should reflect a relevant backgammon career approaching twenty years or more.

Current members of the American Backgammon Hall of Fame (listed alphabetically):
Nack Ballard, Carol Joy Cole, Barclay Cooke, Bill Davis, Malcolm Davis, Ray Fogerlund, Patrick Gibson, Kent Goulding, Tim Holland, Oswald Jacoby, Neil Kazaross, Danny Kleinman, Paul Magriel, Howard Markowitz, Alexis Obolensky, Bill Robertie, Joe Russell, Steve Sax, Mike Senkiewicz, Mike Svobodny, Joe Sylvester, Walter Trice, and Kit Woolsey.

To nominate a person for consideration to the 2020 Ballot for possible induction into the American Backgammon Hall of Fame, please see the Hall of Fame Nominations Form. You will need to be logged in to access the form.

You will be asked to complete the form with two main sections: (1) Notable awards and accomplishments (wins, publications, produced [events], Giants, ABT…) and (2) WHY do you think s/he should be considered (a paragraph describing the nominee’s significant body of work in or for backgammon in the USA).

Should a member wish to re-nominate someone they have submitted in a prior year, they may do so; however, ALL nominations this year must include a new Nominations Form. If a member wishes to amend a prior submission, they may request a copy if one was not retained (request may be made to; however, again, a new Hall of Fame Nominations Form must be submitted this year for each nominee. Nominations from prior years will not automatically be reconsidered.

The open period for 2020 nominations is October 1 through October 31. This opportunity allows USBGF members to submit their candidates for consideration for possible inclusion on the Ballot. The Hall of Fame Committee will review all nominations and submit a recommended Ballot to the USBGF Board of Directors for approval. The Ballot will then go to the HOF electors to vote to determine any new inductees.

Joe Russell
Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee
U.S. Backgammon Federation


2019 DENVER OPEN: WILD WEST SHOOTOUT, September 19-22, 2019; Denver, Colorado
Results from

2019 Michigan CJC

OPEN GUNSLINGER (45): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Neil Kazaross (IL); 1C-Bill Riles (TX), 2C-Jim Stutz (CT); 1LC-Sean Garber (IN), 2LC-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 3LC/4LC-Norm Friedman (CA) / Eric Hiner (MN).
ADVANCED WARRIOR (37): 1-Bill Lonergan (NY), 2-Marcy Kossar (MD); 1C-Marston Hefner (CA), 2C-Patty Knapp (MA); 1LC-Ron Bruns (CA), 2LC-Jim Wark (CA).
NOVICE GREENHORN (15): 1-Will Harris (NM), 2-William Reeves (CO); 1C-Chris Savan (CO), 2C-Jessica Minardi (CO); 1LC-Jesus Ibarra (IL).
EARLY SHOOTOUT (28): David Klausa (CO), 2-Patrick Gibson (CA), 3/4-Vera Holley (CA) / Neil Kazaross (IL).
IRON HORSE JACKPOT (12): 1/2-Roberto Litzenberger (VA) / Jonah Seewald (CO), 3/4-Ray Fogerlund (NV) / Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
GUNSLINGER JACKPOT (32): 1-David Todd (MO), 2-Jonah Seewald (CO), 3/4-David Klausa (CO) / Jim Stutz (CT).
WARRIOR JACKPOT (28): 1-Ed Gazvoda (CO), 2-Kevin McDonough (AZ), 3/4-Marston Hefner (CA) / Jim Wark (CA).
DOUBLES SHOOTOUT (26 teams): 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV) & Sue Will (IL), 2-Frank Farjood (CA) & Allen Tish (CA), 3/4-April Kennedy (MN) & Michael Mesich (MN) / John O’Hagan (IN) & Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
SENIOR GUNSLINGERS (64): 1-Jim Wark (CA), 2-Ed Gazvoda (CO), 3/4-Thomas Dapp (MO) / Greg Kurrell (CO).
WOLF BLITZ (64): 1-Marc Emrich (CO), 2-Al Hodis (NV).
GOLD RUSH SPEEDGAMMON (32): 1-Patrick Keene (CA), 2-Sam Ahmed (CA).
1-POINT DUEL #1 (32): 1-Jack Edelson (MN), 2-April Kennedy (MN).
1-POINT DUEL #2 (32): 1-Marc Emrich (CO), 2-Julius High (KS).
LAST STAND AFTER TOURNAMENT (12): 1/2-split: Marcy Kossar (MD) / Roberto Litzenberger (VA).

Nomination of Candidates for 2019 USBGF Board of Directors Election

As prescribed by the By-Laws, the Board of Directors of the U.S. Backgammon Federation announces that members may nominate candidates, including themselves, for election to the Board of Directors. Nominees must be members of the USBGF. The Board asks members to please limit their nominees to candidates who have expressed a willingness to serve and to contribute to the Board. Nominations must be submitted to before 12:00 midnight EDT, October 31, 2019.

Five seats will be up for election this year. Four Incumbents shown below plan to stand for re-election to the Board, one seat is vacant:

Seat #1 – Karen Davis (incumbent)
Seat #2 – Richard Munitz (incumbent)
Seat #4 – Neil Kazaross (incumbent)
Seat #5 – Vacant
Seat #14 – John Pirner (incumbent)

After receiving nominations, the USBGF Governance and Nominating Committee will review the slate of candidates, confirm that each will serve if elected, solicit a short statement of qualifications, and may or may not recommend candidates to the membership.

The Board wishes to thank Dennis Culpepper for serving on the Board for the last three years. As the USBGF liaison to ABT directors, he has ensured the smooth implementation of the ABT under USBGF auspices.

The election will take place from November 15 to November 30 by electronic ballot. Each USBGF member may cast a ballot for up to five candidates. All candidates, incumbent or otherwise, run ‘at-large’ (not for specific seats) with the five candidates receiving the most votes being elected — there are certain other qualifications outlined in the By-Laws.

It is always crucial for the continued success of the organization that viable, qualified, willing candidates be nominated by the membership. Fresh ideas, new expertise, and enthusiasm enhance the functioning of the Board.


Karen Davis
President and Executive Director

Team USA to Compete in WBIF

Team USA has been selected to compete in the 2020 World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF) tournament. The team includes Art Benjamin, Neil Kazaross, Alfred Mamlet, Joe Russell (captain), Steve Sax, and Frank Talbot. Giants of Backgammon, grandmasters, and other leading players were invited to participate in a best 2-of-3 11-point match qualifier to determine seats on the team.

In 2019 the U.S. fielded a team for the first time in the WBIF online tournament with 25 countries participating. Taking place over a four-month period, the U.S. finished second in an exciting finish against Norway. Alfred Mamlet had a 10-0 win-loss record to win the individual competition.

USBGF Intermediate Divisional LXV

LibertyBJ_3 IntDiv

Congratulations to Elizabeth Liberty, winner of the Intermediate Divisional LXV. Elizabeth defeated Timothy Dugan in the 13-point final. Ali Shamsian and Curt Wilhelmsen finished 3/4 in the 11-point semi-final.
The Intermediate Divisional requires players to have a Circuit Elo rating of 1500.00 and lower at the time of registration. For more information or to register for other tourneys go to the Online Circuit Leaderboard.


3rd VIKING CLASSIC BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT , August 29-September 2, 2019; Minneapolis, Minnesota – Results from


ODIN OPEN (49): 1-Jeb Horton (NC), 2-Jack Edelson (MN), 3-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 4/5-Mary Hickey (OH) / Phil Williams (MN); 1C-Nick Blasier (TX), 2C-Yury Millman (MN).
THOR ADVANCED (39): 1-Hugh Morris (MN), 2-Franklin Scott (MN), 3-Kevin Heacox (IN), 4/5-Daniel Bluestone (VA) / Joe Briggs (MN); 1C-Jeff Willis (MN), 2C-Bryan Adams (OR).
VIKING INTERMEDIATE (17): 1-Lee Pflugrad (WI), 2-Jon Dowd (MN), 3-Peter Slavenkov (MN); 1C-Phil Biesanz (MN).
STEVE BROWN MEMORIAL JACKPOT (92): 1-Mary Hickey (OH), 2-Dan Minardi (CO), 3/4-Carol Joy Cole (MI) / Franklin Scott (MN), 5/8-Ted Chee (CA) / Daniel Friedman-Shedlov (MN) / Jeb Horton (NC) / Bruce Russell (WI).
LONGSHIP JACKPOT (16): 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 2-Nick Blasier (TX).
GRAND CRYSTAL BEAVER XX (23): 1-Bill Finneran (MD), 2-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 3-Allen Tish (CA).
BERSERKER LIMITED JACKPOT (9):11-Gus Contos (CA), 2-Vadim Nuniyants (WA).
EARLY RAVEN $50 (35): 1-Roberto Gaui (Brazil), 2-Phillip Rahm (MN), 3/4-Nick Blasier (TX) / Julius High (KS).
EARLY RAVEN $20 (15): 1-Steve Binenstock (MN), 2-Tom Jayne (VA).
FRIDAY FRIGGA (29): 1-Neil Kazaross (IL), 2-Lynn Lusk (CO), 3/4-Art Moore (TN) / Gerry Tansey (MO).
SPEEDY SLAUGHTER (64): 1-Ted Chee (CA), 2-Ted Chee (CA).
RAINBOW BRIDGE DOUBLES (29 teams): 1-Stepan Nuniyants (WA) & Rick Silberman (WA), 2-Daniel Friedman-Shedlov (MN) & Corey Smith (MN), 3/4-Nick Blasier (TX) & Jeff Willis (MN) / Tim Lawless (IN) & Art Moore (TN).
BLITZ THE BEAST (64): 1-Jeff Nitschke (MN), 2-Ted Chee (CA).
QUICK 1-POINT RAIDS (64): 1-Corey Smith (MN), 2-Corey Smith (MN).
QUICK 1-POINT RAIDS (16): 1-Larry Oman (MN).
OPEN VALHALLA (11): 1-John O’Hagan (IN), 2-Steve Reichelt (MN).
ADVANCED VALHALLA (11): Finals – Steve Binenstock (MN) vs. Jeff Kane (WI).
INTERMEDIATE VALHALLA (4): 1-Rina Quarterone (MN).
GAMMON STUFF BOARD TOURNAMENT (19):1-Joe Briggs (MN), 2-Long Nguyen (CA).
RAGNAROK AFTER TOURNEY (32): 1-Gerry Tansey (MO), 2-Jonah Seewald (CO).

USBGF Intermediate Divisional LXIII

Keith Remels 2019 Int

Congratulations to Keith Remels, winner of the Intermediate Divisional LXIII. Keith defeated Kai Demler in the 13-point final. Vera Holley and Max McCauley finished 3/4 in the 11-point semi-final. The Intermediate Divisional requires players to have a Circuit Elo rating of 1500.00 and lower at the time of registration. See current online tournament ratings at Online Circuit Leaderboard.


17th ANNUAL WISCONSIN BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIPS, August 15-18, 2019; Madison, Wisconsin –
Results from

2018 Linda Rockwell-WI Open

CHAMPIONSHIP (41): 1-Linda Rockwell (IL), 2-Tak Morioka (IL); 1C-David Rockwell (IL), 2C-Phil Simborg (IL); 1LC-Steven Ferguson (MO), 2LC-Frank Talbot (MI).
ADVANCED (31): 1-Bill Lonergan (NY), 2-Christina Elias (MN); 1C-Laura Hoarty (OH), 2C-Brion Brooks (IL); 1LC-Gene Eydelman (IL).
NOVICE (4): 1-Larry Sosna (NY).
BADGER CLASSIC MASTERS (12): 1-Gerry Tansey (MO), 2-Sean Garber (IN).
ZACH TABAK MEMORIAL AMATEUR JACKPOT (16):1-Steve Shavel (TX), 2-Michael Gellings (MI).
DOUBLES (24 teams): 1-Julius High (KS) & Dave McKenzie (KS), 2-Dan Minardi (CO) & John Pirner (MN), 3-David & Linda Rockwell (IL).
BLITZ (32): 1/2 split – Carol Joy Cole (MI) / Ed O’Laughlin (VA). (Added Prize Money from the USBGF.)
QUICKIES (32): 1/2 split John O’Hagan / Ed O’Laughlin.
FASHIONABLY EARLY BIRD TOURNAMENT (16):1-Steven Ferguson (MO), 2-Brad Andersen (MI).
EARLY BIRD JACKPOT (16): 1-David McKenzie (KS), 2-Chris Maisa (WI).
$50 JACKPOT (8): 1/2 split – Cary Hoarty (OH) / Mark Milkie (IN).
$50 AFTER TOURNAMENT TOURNAMENT (8): 1-Gerry Tansey (MO), 2-Keene Marin (WI).

USBGF Advanced Divisional LXXI

Jesse Anderson-Lehman

Congratulations to Jesse Anderson-Lehman, winner of the Advanced Divisional LXXI. Jesse defeated Giancarlo Ratto in the 17-point final. Frank Costello and Jeff Schwarz finished 3/4 in the 15-point semi-final.

The Advanced Divisional requires players to have a Circuit Elo rating between 1500.01 – 1649.99 at the time of registration. See current online standings: Leader Board.

John Pirner, USBGF Board of Directors

John Pirner official photo_sm

The U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) is pleased to announce that John Pirner has joined the Board of Directors and will serve as Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer. He lives in Minnesota and plays with the Twin Cities Backgammon Club.

He founded Gammon Stuff in 2016 to import, stock and exclusively sell the handmade boards and accessories built by Fazil Terlemez (FTH), a German craftsman. Begun as a hobby, Gammon Stuff is now an enthusiastic corporate sponsor of the USBGF and ABT tournaments. John is also a Platinum Sponsor of the USBGF.

Besides Gammon Stuff, John is an owner and serves on the board of directors of a Midwest-based distributor that sells applied automation and power transmission products to machine builders and manufacturers. John has also served on the board of directors, the executive committee and as president of the Association for High Technology Distribution, a nonprofit trade organization that supports independent, high tech distributors in North America.

USBGF Advanced Divisional LXX

Yusuf Adenwala 2018

Congratulations to Yusuf Adenwala, winner of the Advanced Divisional LXX. Yusuf defeated Lynda Clay in the 17-point final. Kat Denison and Peter Swartwout finished 3/4 in the 15-point semi-final.

The Advanced Divisional requires players to have a Circuit Elo rating between 1500.01 – 1649.99 at the time of registration. See current online standings: Leader Board.


44th WORLD BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP / 9th MONTE CARLO OPEN , July 27-August 4, 2019; Monte Carlo, Monaco –
Results from

Eli Roymi_2019 World Champion
Photo by Phil Simborg

CHAMPIONSHIP (186): 1-Eli Roymi (Israel), 2-Petko Kostadinov (Bulgaria/USA), 3-Fabrizio Lo Surdo (Italy), 4/5-Daniel Sorensen (Denmark) / Rolf Vetsch (Switzerland), 6/8-Toni Bernaba (Lebanon) / Mislav Kovacic (Croatia) / Wilcox Snellings (Costa Rica/USA); 1C-Olivier Lafon (France), 2C-Patrick Didisheim (Switzerland), 3C/4C-Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden) / Lev Rosenfeld (Israel); 1LC-Manny Olszynko (Canada), 2LC-Martin-Frédéric Kahn (France).
INTERMEDIATE (60): 1-Tim Lawless (USA), 2-Henrik Sorel (Denmark), 3-Lorenzo Rusconi (Italy), 4/5-Gerhard Lingnau (Germany) / Ciprian Radulescu (Romania); 1C-Hikmet Tunç (Turkey), 2C-Marianne Husum (Norway), 3C/4C-Talat Bagibala (Turkey) / Michael Ramsey (USA); 1LC-Joachim Lindgren (Sweden), 2LC-Kazuko Numazawa (Japan).
SUPER JACKPOT (64): 1-Toni Bernaba (Lebanon), 2-Martin-Frédéric Kahn (France), 3/4-Jan Jacobowitz (Germany) / David Wells (USA).
MAGRIEL MEMORIAL SUPER SENIORS TOURNAMENT #1 (128): 1-Cyrus Vafa (Sweden), 2-Peter Raugust (Germany), 3/4-Johan Moazed (Sweden) / Slava Pryadkin (Ukraine).
DOUBLES TOURNAMENT (64 teams): 1-Eliot Tawil (USA) & Arkadiy Tsinis (USA), 2-Giorgos Kleitsas (Greece) & Platon Tserliagkos (Greece), 3/4-Stéphane Cheneviere (France) & Philippe Quiboeuf (France) / Takayuki Moriuchi (Japan) & Kenji Shimodaira (Japan).
LADIES WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (20): 1-Antoinette-Marie Williams (USA), 2-Laurence Sinitzky (France).
SPEEDGAMMON TOURNAMENT (64): 1-Arkadiy Tsinis (USA), 2-Steve Nelson (Hong Kong), 3/4-Robert Lindbom (Sweden) / Jason Pack (USA).
MOCHY’S BACKGAMMON PROFICIENCY EXAM (29): 1-Zdenek Zizka (Czech Republic) …
JUNIORS TOURNAMENT: 1-Takayuki Moriuchi (Japan), 2-Tal Ziva (Israel).
BELAIR TEAM TOURNAMENT: 1-Beavers: Carlos Estenssoro (Switzerland) / Peter Sarzynski (Germany) / Thibaud Thompson (Switzerland), 2-Area 51 (Norway) – Geir Pedersen / Jon Røyset / Dagfinn Snarheim.
ULTIMATE BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP (2): 1-Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan), 2-Sander Lylloff (Denmark). Overall score 13-7. PR: Mochy 2.86, Sander 3.53.

MONTE CARLO WARM-UP (68): 1-Frédéric Andrieu (France), 2-Benjamin Lund (Denmark), 3/4-Ralf Jonas (Germany) / Michael Urban (Germany); 1C-Michel Serrero (France), 2-Mislav Kovacic (Croatia).

MONTE CARLO OPEN – CHAMPIONSHIP (105): 1-Manny Olszynko (Canada), 2-Alan Grunwald (USA), 3/4-Mario Kühl (Germany) / Mislav Kovacic (Croatia); 1C-Roberto Litzenberger (USA), 2C-Marc Van Damme (Belgium).

MONTE CARLO OPEN – INTERMEDIATE (45): 1-Dimitri Loi (USA), 2-Olga Ivanova (Russia), 3/4-Justin Bor Jr (USA) / Roberto Catalano (Italy); 1C-Joachim Lindgren (Sweden), 2C-Jean-Jacques Issartel (France).

USBGF Intermediate Divisional LXII

Sebastian Hagadol IntDiv LXII

Congratulations to Sebastian Adams, winner of the Intermediate Divisional LXII. Sebastian defeated Curt Wilhelmsen in the 13-point final. Karl Sours and Max McCauley finished 3/4 in the 11-point semi-final. The Intermediate Divisional requires players have a Circuit Elo rating of 1500.00 and lower at the time of registration. See current online tournament ratings at Online Circuit Leaderboard.

USBGF Advanced Divisional LXIX

2019 Garrett Duquesne

Congratulations to Garrett Duquesne, winner of the Advanced Divisional LXIX. Garrett defeated Martin Stemberka in the 17-point final. Elizabeth Liberty and Jesse Anderson Lehman finished 3/4 in the 15-point semi-final.

The Advanced Divisional requires players have a Circuit Elo rating between 1500.01 – 1649.99 at the time of registration. See current online standings: Leader Board.


Results from

2019 Raposa-Cole Mich_kd

OPEN (81): 1-Frank Raposa (VA), 2-Phil Simborg (IL), 3-Bill Calton (MI), 4/5-Joe Feldman (MI) / Mary Hickey (OH), 6-Audronis Zunde (CO); 1C-Michael Neagu (Canada), 2C-Cary Hoarty (OH), 3C/4C-Dion Hogan (MI) / Stepan Nuniyants (WA).
INTERMEDIATE (83): 1-Simon Kennedy Rose (IL), 2-Stewart Pemberton (FL), 3-Lorenzo Morales (MI), 4-Jeff Schwarz (NJ), 5/6-Christopher Shanava (IL) / Dan Wesley (MI); 1C-Robert Lessard (Canada), 2C-Daniel Bluestone (VA), 3C/4C-Tigran Avanesian (OH) / Candace Mayeron (CA).
NOVICE (12): 1-Fran Miller (OH), 2-Diane Rebottaro (MI); 1C-Jeanette de Oliveira (Canada); 1LC-Barbara Robinson (IL).
MICHIGAN MASTERS (32): 1-Kit Woolsey (CA), 2-David Kettler (TX), 3/4-Nick Blasier (TX) / Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
SANDY KAPLAN MEMORIAL SENIOR JACKPOT (64): 1-Philippe Salnave (FL), 2-Herb Roman (IL), 3/4-David Stein (IL) / John Stryker (IL).
PRINCE BARLOW JUNIOR JACKPOT (32): 1-Pavel Zaoral (Czech Republic), 2-Kamran Kheirani (Canada), 3/4-Jay Karns (NY) / Gerry Tansey (MO).
$200 OPEN FIRECRACKER JACKPOT (16): 1-Farhad Forudi (OH), 2-Jeb Horton (NC).
$200 OPEN FIRECRACKER OVERFLOW (8): 1-David Todd (MO), 2-Mel Leifer (MD).
$100 LIMITED FIRECRACKER JACKPOT (16): 1-Dan Minardi (CO), 2-Patrick Domico (IN).
MICHIGAN CHARITY BLITZ (128): 1-Robert Loveless (Canada), 2-Christopher Yep (OH). (Added Prize Money from the USBGF.) $300 raised for the Flint Water Fund of the United Way.
SUMMER FREEZE-OUT (32): 1-Frank Talbot (MI), 2-Ricky Griggs (MI).
OPEN DOUBLES (32 teams): 1-John Klein (MD) & Frank Raposa (VA), 2-Cary Hoarty (OH) & Laura Hoarty (OH), 3/4-Garry Kallos (Canada) & Allen Tish (CA) / Irina & Roberto Litzenberger (VA).
LIMITED DOUBLES (14 teams): 1-Scott Douglas (Canada) & Robert Lessard (Canada), 2-David Staggs (IN) & Tony White (OH).
FRANK TALBOT’S NEWCOMER FREE ROLL (32): 1-Louis Bedell (PA), 2-Dan Minardi (CO).
ELEGANCE TROPHY OPEN JACKPOT (16): 1-Joe Miller (OH), 2-Bahman Zandi (MD).
ELEGANCE TROPHY LIMITED JACKPOT (16): 1-Louis Bedell (PA), 2-John Quinn (MI).
$20 DETROIT QUICKIE (64): 1-Adrian Nedelcu (Austria/IL), 2-Ed O’Laughlin (VA). (Added Prize Money from the USBGF.)
$10 DETROIT QUICKIE (8): Diane Rebottaro (MI).
AFTER TOURNAMENT TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Barry Silliman (MD), 2-Nick Blasier (TX).
BMAB-USA #11 (22): 1/4-Sean Garber (IN) / Candace Mayeron (CA) / John Pirner (MN) / Herb Roman (IL). Four players tied for 1st with 4-1 records. (PR results pending.)
LONG DISTANCE PRIZE: 1-Pavel Zaoral (Czech Republic).
$50 WEDNESDAY WARM-UP (28): 1-David Todd (MO), 2-Gerry Tansey (MO), 3/4-Robert Caldwell (Canada) / Ricky Griggs (MI).
$30 WEDNESDAY WARM-UP (32): 1-John Quinn (MI), 2-Scott Douglas (Canada), 3/4-Kamran Kheirani (Canada) / Charlie Robinson (MI).


SACRAMENTO BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP, June 22 – 23, 2019; Sacramento, California
Results from

OPEN (17): 1-Terry Stigall (CA), 2-Jack Edelson (MN); 1C-Steve Sax (CA), 2C-Julius High (KS); 1LC-Allen Tish (CA).
INTERMEDIATE (18): 1-Kara Schultz (CA), 2-Alan Goldstein (CA); 1C-Fernando Corredor (CA), 2C-Michaela Olsen (CA); 1LC-Ken Johnson (CA).
NOVICE ROUND-ROBIN (6): 1/2-Larry Brelsford (CA) / Dirk Olsen (CA).
BLITZ (24): 1/2-Ted Chee (CA) / Julius High (KS).

USBGF March Monthly Circuit

2017_AlfredMamlet_Silicon V

Congratulations to Alfred Mamlet, winner of the USBGF 2019 March Monthly Circuit. Alfred won this single elimination tournament by defeating Art Benjamin in the 17-point final match. Ray Bills and Jim Wallace finished 3/4 in the 15-point semi-final match.

See the latest Online Circuit Leader Board posting here.


, June 6-9, 2019; Amherst, New York –
Results from

Chris Knapp-ChicagoOpen2016_tm

NIAGARA OPEN (16): 1-Chris Knapp (MA), 2-Ray Bills (MN); 1C-Marty Storer (NH), 2C-Al Jones (Canada); 1LC-Farhad Forudi (OH).
AMHERST ADVANCED (30): 1-Victor DeOliveira (Canada), 2-Mike Vasilatos (OH); 1C-Mark Milkie (IN), 2C-Marc Grutka (FL); 1LC-Joe Miller (OH).
NEUTRAL NATION NOVICE ROUND-ROBIN (9): 1-Susan Fenster (NY), 2-Jim Dixon (Canada), 3-Donna Davenport (OH).
STEEL MASTERS (8): 1-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ), 2-Al Jones (Canada).
USBGF FREEROLL JACKPOT (16): 1-Robert Caldwell (Canada), 2-Brian Vance (MI).
DUFF’S DOUBLES (12 teams): 1-Chris Knapp (MA) & Patty Knapp (MA), 2-Sean Garber (IN) & Mark Milkie (IN), 3-Doug Roberts (MA) & Wanda Roberts (MA).
CLARENCE QUICKY (16): 1-Sean Garber (IN), 2-John Baron (OH).
BISON BLITZ (16): 1-Robert Loveless (Canada), 2-Farhad Forudi (OH).
SENECA SPEEDGAMMON (16): 1-Mark Milkie (IN), 2-Garry Kallos (Canada).
LAKE ERIE LIMITED JACKPOT (8): 1-Joe Miller (OH), 2-Brian Vance (MI).
SUSQUEHANNA SENIORS JACKPOT (8): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Joe Miller (OH).
LOGANBERRY LADIES JACKPOT (7): 1-Patty Knapp (MA), 2-Akemi Ota (MI).
PRE-TOURNEY JACKPOT (16): 1-Kamran Kheirani (Canada), 2-Farhad Forudi (OH); 1C-Sean Garber (IN).


LOS ANGELES OPEN BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, June 6 – 9, 2019; Los Angeles, California – Results from

2019 Bob Glass LA Open

CHAMPIONSHIP (68): 1-Bob Glass (CA), 2-Al Hodis (NV), 3-Herb Roman (IL), 4/5-Dana Nazarian (CA) / Steve Sax (CA); 1C-Neil Kazaross (IL), 2C-Hideaki Ueda (Japan), 3C/4C-Alexandra Knupfer (Romania/Switzerland) / Val Ovespyan (CA).
ADVANCED (50): 1-Frank Costello III (CA), 2-Manuel Perito (Costa Rica), 3-Charles Thompson (CA), 4/5-Alain Azoulay (CA) / Dan Minardi (CO); 1C-Max McCauley (AZ), 2C-Dennis Saleeby (CA).
NOVICE (8): 1-Abbas Anvar (CA), 2-Brian Leitner (CA); 1C-Robert Scibelli (CA).
SUPER-32 MASTERS JACKPOT (41): 1-David Winn (TX), 2-Tiran Dangor (CA), 3/4-Nevzar Dogan (Denmark) / Allen Tish (CA), 5/6-Joe Russell (CA) / Robert Wachtel (CA).
PAUL DINGWELL AMATEUR JACKPOT (34): 1-Ergin Bayrak (CA), 2-Eitan Peleg (CA), 3/4-Alain Azoulay (CA) / Frank Ley (CA), 5-Damon Singer (NV).
DOUBLES-I (8 teams): 1-Gus Contos (CA) & Steve Sax (CA), 2-Alexandra Knupfer (Romania/Switzerland) & Cornel Paltinisanu (Romania).
DOUBLES-II (8 teams): 1-Frank Talbot (MI) & Monica Talbot (MI), 2-Cary Hoarty (OH) & Laura Hoarty (OH).
DOUBLES-III (8 teams): 1-Cary Hoarty (OH) & Laura Hoarty (OH), 2-Josh Racko (CA) & Michael Showkati (CA).
DOUBLES-IV (8 teams): 1-Molly Anderson (WA) & Pete Anderson (WA), 2-Jonah Seewald (CO) & David Taniguchi (CA).
USBGF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP-WEST (96): 1-Eli Karp (CA), 2-Art Benjamin (CA).
SENIORS (32): 1/2-Sam Ahmed (CA) / John Rockwell (CA), 3/4-Gus Contos (CA) / John Rockwell (CA).
JUNIORS I (32): 1-Frank Ley (CA), 2-Hideaki Ueda (Japan), 3/4-Nasi Katouzian (CA) / Patrick Keene (CA).
JUNIORS II (32): 1-Art Benjamin (CA), 2-Long Nguyen (CA), 3/4-Maeis Petrosian (CA) / Jacques Stambouli (CA).
DMP-USBGF PRIME TOURNAMENT (128): 1-Maeis Petrosian (CA), 2-Frank Talbot (MI).

USBGF Intermediate Divisional LXI

Ira Gardner IntDivLXI

Congratulations to Ira Gardner, winner of the Intermediate Divisional LXI. Ira defeated George Jusuf Adenwala in the 13-point final. Karl Sours and Ed Corey finished 3/4 in the 11-point semi-final. The Intermediate Divisional requires players have a Circuit Elo rating of 1500.00 and lower at the time of registration. See current online tournament ratings at Online Circuit Leaderboard.

USBGF Advanced Divisional LXVIII

Congratulations to Dale Smith, winner of the Advanced Divisional LXVIII. Dale defeated Max Glaezer in the 17-point final. Andrew Hunter and Fabian Melnik finished 3/4 in the 15-point semi-final.

The Advanced Divisional requires players have a Circuit Elo rating between 1500.01 – 1649.99 at the time of registration. See current online standings: Leader Board.


39th CHICAGO OPEN BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, May 23-27, 2019; Rosemont, Illinois –
Preliminary Results from

Alexandra Knupfer Chicago Open 2019-rev

OPEN (76): 1-Alexandra Knupfer (Switzerland), 2-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ), 4/9-Ray Bills (MN) / Michael Flohr (IL) / Cary Hoarty (OH) / Curtis Melville (MI) / Dmitriy Obukhov (MI) / David Rockwell (IL).
INTERMEDIATE (70): 1-Simon Kennedy Rose (IL), 2-Sue Will (IL), 3/8-Michael Clapsadle (MI) / Marcy Kossar (MD) / Howard Linnemann (NY) / Butch Meese (IN) Dan Minardi (CO) / Alex Owen (IL).
NOVICE (7): 1-Jessie Herman (NE), 2-Brant Schroeder (WI), 3-Sara Thorson (NE).
UNLUCKY DICE LAST CHANCE (25): 1-Gerry Tansey (MO), 2-Daniel Dabney (IN).
$1600 HIGH ROLLER (16): 1-Neil Kazaross (IL), 2-John O’Hagan (IN), 3/4-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ) / David Todd (MO).
MARKOWITZ MASTERS: 1-Gerry Tansey (MO), 2-John O’Hagan (IN).
FASTER MASTER (24): 1-Fred Chamanara (IL), 2-Pavel Zaoral (Czech Republic), 3-Alexandra Knupfer (Switzerland).
LIMITED JACKPOT (64): 1-Brian Vance (MI), 2-Steve Hairgrove (IL), 3/4-Irina Litzenberger (VA) / Steve Reichelt (MN), 5/8-Paul Baraz (IL) / David Kettler (TX) / Kamran Kheirani (Canada) / Pat MacNeil (Canada).
TAKI BOARD TOURNAMENT (16): 1-Yuri Ogura (Japan), 2-Steve Reichelt (MN).
DOUBLES TOURNAMENT (32): 1-Akemi Ota (MI) & Emil Mortuk (MI), 2-Cary Hoarty (OH) & Laura Hoarty (OH), 3/4-Dennis Culpepper (VA) & John O’Hagan (IN) / Michihito Kageyama (Japan) & Allen Tish (CA).
SENIORS TOURNAMENT (64): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Phil Martorelli (IL), 3/4-Richard Stubbe (TX) / Rodney Workman (IL).
1-POINT QUICKIE TOURNAMENT (128): 1-Michael Gellings (MI), 2-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 3/4-Craig Anderson (IL) / Roberto Litzenberger (VA).
FTH CHICAGO OPEN BOARD JACKPOT (8): 1-Michihito Kageyama (Japan).
$100 JACKPOT (8): 1-Ilia Guzei (WI), 2-Ken Tyszko (IL).
AFTER TOURNEY TOURNEY (24): 3-way tie for 1st–Karen Davis (FL) / Jeb Horton (NC) / Howard Markowitz (NV).
MICHY’S PROFICIENCY QUIZ (33): Open winner – Gerry Tansey (MO) – 38/50 correct; Intermediate winners: Eric Barr (KS) / Butch Meese (IN) – 24/50.

March Women’s Monthly Tournament

Marcela Pelagatti Sample 3

When Marcela Pelagatti won the March Women’s Monthly tournament, Mario Savan wrote:

Marcela is a dear cousin. I traveled to Buenos Aires 5 yrs ago. I had not seen her since we were children. Near the end of my trip, just lounging around in the backyard on a warm afternoon, I noticed Marcela intensely focused on her phone. I asked if she was playing a game. She said, “yes, you know the game?”……

She was a casual beginner who had just started playing on a phone app. The last couple of days in Buenos Aires before departing we spent some time playing and reviewing basic strategies. I had her join the USBGF as well.

She is so thrilled about her victory. I could not be happier for her.

Congratulations to Marcela for her win and thanks to Mario and all who give encouragement to novice players!

USBGF Intermediate Divisional LX

Konstantin Keresteliev

Congratulations to Konstantin Keresteliev, winner of the Intermediate Divisional LX. Konstantin defeated Brian Holmes in the 13-point final. Vera Holley and Gary Knox finished 3/4 in the 11-point semi-final.

The Intermediate Divisional requires players have a Circuit Elo rating of 1500.00 and lower at the time of registration. See current online tournament ratings at Online Circuit Leaderboard.


CHERRY BLOSSOM BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP, May 9-12, 2019; Herndon, Virginia – Results from

John O'Hagen 2019 Cherry Blossom

CHAMPIONSHIP (58): 1-John O’Hagan (IN), 2-Sean Garber (IN), 3-Allen Tish (CA), 4/5-Carol Joy Cole (MI) / Grant Schneider (VA); 1C-Bahman Zandi (MD), 2C-Michihito Kageyama (Japan), 3C/4C-Garry Kallos (Canada) / David Winn (TX).
ADVANCED (46): 1-Rick Wolf (FL), 2-Kevin McDonough (AZ); 1C-Irina Litzenberger (VA), 2C-Paul Laubner (MD), 3C/4C-Vinson Blanton (VA) / Chen-Fu Yu (MD).
INTERMEDIATE (26): 1-Tom Jayne (VA), 2-Chris Chapin (DC); 1C/2C-Jeff Misrahi (NY) / Chuck Polley (VA), 3C/4C-Donald Gabbai (VA) / Fran Miller (OH).
NOVICE (16): 1-Stan Reid (VA), 2-Alice Marlin (DC), 3-Slick McNeil (GA); 1C-Jerry Nashel (FL), 2C-Shawn Buck (VA).
BMAB-USA #10 TOURNAMENT (14): 1-Karen Davis (FL), 2/5-John O’Hagan (IN) / Art Benjamin (CA) / Allen Tish (CA) / Sean Garber (IN). PR winners: 1-Marty Storer (NH) at 3.14, 2-John O’Hagan (IN) at 3.86, 3-John Klein (MD) at 3.92.
CHERRY BLOSSOM $1,000 JACKPOT (16): 1-Petko Kostadinov (SC), 2-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 3/4-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ) / Pavel Zaoral (Czech Republic).
GEORGE WASHINGTON MASTERS JACKPOT (20): 1-Kimon Papachristopoulos (Germany), 2-Chris Trencher (NY), 3/4-Richard Munitz (NY) / David Winn (TX).
ABRAHAM LINCOLN OPEN JACKPOT (24): 1-Gary Koscielny (FL), 2-Herb Roman (IL), 3-Cary Hoarty (OH).
THOMAS JEFFERSON LIMITED JACKPOT (32): 1-Bill Lonergan (NY), 2-Bob Howayeck (FL), 3/4-Kamran Kheirani (Canada) / Tom Rebelo (Canada).
USBGF TOURNAMENT OF THE STARS (16 teams): 1-Boris Dekhtyar (NY) & Kimon Papachristopoulos (Germany), 2-Scotty Kelland (CT) & Richard Munitz (NY).
USBGF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP EAST (128): 1-Jack Edelson (MN), 2-Tom Rebelo (Canada).
YOUNG POLITICOS (32): 1-Cary Hoarty (OH), 2-Art Benjamin (CA).
SENIOR SENATORS: (48): 3-way tie: Felix Goykhaman (NJ) / Bob Howayeck (FL) / Marcy Kossar (MD).
ALFRED MAMLET NEWCOMERS FREEROLL (21): 1-Dean Takaoka (VA), 2-Jon Douglas (MD).
NATION’S CAPITAL DOUBLES (29 teams): 1-Blake Fleetwood (NY) & Michihito Kageyama (Japan), 2-Cary Hoarty (OH) & Laura Hoarty (OH), 3/4-Vinson Blanton (VA) & Frank Raposa (VA) / Dennis & Peggy Culpepper (VA).
MOTHER’S DAY EVENT (4): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Candace Mayeron (CA).
CHERRY BLOSSOM DECORATED EGG COMPETITION (2): Top lady performer in Championship vs. top lady in Advanced: 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Irina Litzenberger (VA). The bejeweled egg was handcrafted by Laura Hoarty (OH).
$50 WARM-UP (15): 1-Bob Howayeck (FL), 2-Narvey Goldman (Canada); 1C/2C-split–Roberto Litzenberger (VA) / Bahman Zandi (MD).
$20 WARM-UP (12): 1-Jay Karns (VA), 2-Louis Bedell (PA); 1C-Ed Corey (CT).