Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club Championship (Added Money) Jan 13, 2018

This is part of the USBGF Prime Local Club Added Money Initiative, where a USBGF Prime club Local Event is provided added money for a USBGF member side pool.

The Top 16 players participate in a seeded, single elimination tournament. The winner receives a trophy that is identical to that for Player of the Year. We do not charge an entry fee in the Club Championship. The free entry is a small reward for supporting the club throughout the year. However, there is a side pool of $400 that everyone gets in ($25 x 16 = $400) and is split 2/3 1/3). This year we plan to create an additional prize pool of $160 (free $10 per player) also to be split 2/3 1/3.

For more information about the Altlanta Northside Backgammon Club, please visit us at

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