ABT Tournament Rules and Procedures

The USBGF recommends that tournament directors follow the rules and procedures issued by the American Backgammon Tour in January 2009 — click on ABT Rules January 2009.


  1. Treena Bouque says:

    Hi, I am a member of USBGF and first I must say that I love this game and really appreciate all that you do to make it fun for all of us..I also am aware the Gridgammon is not your site..but an associate..but since I have attempted to get an answer from GG..I find it necessary to question you..hope you don’t mind, I have been “gagged” and I have no idea why other than that I won matches (dice game) with pretty good dice…I would like to have the opportunity to request a reason for being “gagged”…in my opinion..if someone wants to gag you they should have to explain the reason..that is my opinion…if you choose not to play me then you have that option..that is acceptable..but to gag someone with no explanation is irresponsible…I have NEVER used bad language, been rude or done anything that should result in this option and it stinks….I have played this game for over 30 years and have never had this occur..I would like to know what the criteria is to “gag” or “blind” (never had that yet and do not even understand the meaning of it) another player…can you find an answer for me please?..thanks, treenab

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