Chair:  Art Benjamin Members:  Chuck Bower, Igor Erovenko, Elena Evans, Harvey Gillis, Bob Koca, Jason Lee, David Presser and Michelle Steinberg.


~~~~ The Education Committee has adopted a Mission Statement as follows: “To advance the knowledge of backgammon by encouraging students, USBGF members, and others to make use of instructional material, educational curricula and information that will enhance their understanding and enjoyment of backgammon, and to promote interest in backgammon as both a fun and challenging game of skill and an intellectual exercise to improve decision analysis, problem-solving and abstractions skills.” The education committee will work closely with the Marketing Committee and the Board to make backgammon information available to the public.  Our initial thrust into the college community has already begun, but we will expand our teaching to high schools, social and ethnic groups, the military, camps, and community groups.  We also have a goal of providing educational material to USBGF members through this web site and with free lectures, both on line and live.