The following committees (Committee Chairs in parenthesis) and subcommittees (indented) that cover the broad range of issues that the USBGF will address:

  1. Executive (Joe Russell)
  2. ABT Integration (Bill Riles)
  3. Education (Frank Talbot)
  4. Governance and Nominating (Bill Riles)
  5. Hall of Fame (Bill Riles)
  6. Membership and Marketing (Julius High)
  7. Events (TBD)

    Clubs (Justin Nunez)

    Tournament Director Advisory (Patrick Gibson)

  8. Ratings and Stats (Rich Munitz)
  9. Rules and Ethics/ (Rich Munitz)
  10. Technology (Joe Russell)

Members of both the Board of Directors and the Board of Governors as well as some other members in the community have joined these committees and have started taking an active role in developing them.  Please click on a committee for more information.