Streaming Sponsors

Many thanks to donors who have contributed to streaming matches at selected national Prime Tournaments and to streaming staff volunteers including Michelle Steinberg, Rynell Nunez, Tara Mendicino, Jason Lee, and Ben Friesen for volunteering their time to provide this service.

$100 and over

Steve Blanchard
Thomas Buckner
Cheryl Andersen
Jeb Horton

Under $100

Arthur Benjamin
Tore Frederiksen
Martaille Jean Francoise
GammonSite 2000
Christopher Haviland
Brian Hoeft
Jeb Horton
Stuart Mann
Edward Onny
Cliff Pappas
William Patterson
Frank Raposa
Mario Savan
Jonah Seewald
Phil Simborg
Peter Swartwout
Sean Williams
Dan Wittkopp
Jim Allen
Frank Raposa
Stephen Deep
Butch and Mary Ann Meese

Update 5/27/15