From Lawrence Sonne:

You and USBGF are changing the tragetory of US backgammon!
Congratulations on allyour stellar efforts!

Kelly Shindler noted her Novice experience at the Cherry Blossom Tournament, April 2017

Steve and I both had such a wonderful time at the Cherry Blossom tournament that you have two new enthusiasts! We’ve both been putting the Chris Bray book and all that we learned at the tournament to great use.  
I ordered a P-40 board as a gift to Steve this past weekend, and I’ve commandeered his current board :) We are both happily preparing to enter the Novi tournament this June/July.  
I will have to communicate with Julius about getting set up on Safe Harbor in the near future.  
Thank you so much for your hospitality and such a welcoming, fun, informative, and challenging tournament. The Cherry Blossom was  a special experience for both of us. We are looking forward to seeing you, renewing acquaintances, and making more new friends in Michigan in just a few months!

From Richmond Woodson

“Enclosed please find a check renewing my USBGF membership for three more years. Allow me to express my deepest thanks to you, the USBGF board and all the other brilliant and dedicated members, for enhancing, enriching and developing the game of backgammon through this most noble of enterprises – the USBGF.”

Grant Hoffman reports on Bob Wachtel’s new book.

“I’m hoping this email can be redirected to Bob Wachtel.

I was not sure when I bought his book “In the Game until the End Volume 2″ how much I will enjoy it or learn from it. I was very pleasantly surprised on both fronts.
I learnt a lot which I have been able to use. It seems like a lot of the positions discussed in the book have come up over the board recently – it’s probably just that I’m noticing them more and now I know exactly what to do.
I also just really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone interested in improving their understanding backgammon. It is a little hard for me to judge the level of player who should read this book (I have won the New Zealand backgammon champs twice) but I think any player at the intermediate level or above would benefit from this book – I sure did.”

Tony Moutzouras comments on Phil Simborg’s videos

“Thanks, I love your video analysis, it’s the highlight of being a USBG member.”

Grant Hoffman shares his enthusiasm for USBGF on Facebook:

“Unsolicited endorsement – as a Non American Member I was so impressed with the quality of these videos that I have emailed every player in my country to recommend joining the USBGF. And that’s on just these videos – there is so much more in the way of benefits.”

Grant Hoffman reaffirms his belief in USBGF:

“As a non American member of the USBGF, I can say that it is worth joining for the videos alone but there are many other good reasons, like the magazine to join. This is an unsolicited comment. I took a chance and joined and think it was one of the best decisions I have every made.”

Bruce Farquhar wrote::

“May I also take this opportunity to thank … the USBGF for the initiative the federation has taken in launching the online circuit.
We have a very good club here in Ottawa but it only meets once a month so it is a joy to be able to play against such high-caliber opponents on the circuit.
The timing has also been most fortuitous for me as I just resumed playing backgammon at the beginning of last year.
I also very much appreciate all the efforts the federation is making with its educational outreach and avidly follow Phil’s videos and the Primetime magazine”.

Dean Kosco reports::

“Just wanted to let you know that I re-upped with the usbgf for another 3 years, based on the amount of information available there, online tournaments etc.. Mostly though, because of your lessons you make available to members – they are quite valuable for newer players like me…”

Ken Larsen (Durham/Chapel Hill BG) commented::

“Ben Elliott and I joined the U.S. Backgammon Federation last year … each of us paying $ 100 for a three year membership. The best reason that I’ve found for joining are instructional videos posted by Chicago based pro Phil Simborg. If you are interested in improving your game, I strongly recommend joining the USBGF and begin viewing the Simborg videos. Your $ 100 (or $ 40 for just one year) will be well spent.”

Hal Sanger posted on Facebook:

“These issues [of PrimeTime Backgammon] alone are worth the price of membership.”

Isvtan Egar (Bulgaria) commented:

“I was searching the web for backgammon software and found that eXtremeGammon is the best. I found that because I am a student I could join USBGF for $15 and get a $20 discount on XG, so I joined. Now I enjoy XG on my computer and iPad and I love all the articles and videos on the USBGF site and I am playing in the free USBGF tournaments on line. It is the best deal I ever got.”

Nigel Merrigan (Mr. Majestyk) endorses USBGF for players worldwide.

‘As a non-US premium member of the USBGF, I get a real sense of belongingness whenever I pay a visit to their website. Only this morning I paid a visit but for a very different reason than the usual keeping abreast as to what’s going on in the backgammon community. I wanted to learn more of the organisation’s infrastructure; its business ethos, ethics, mission and generally, the people/players involved and what their roles are in the organisation. Personally, I have found there to be a sense of openness, fairness, honesty and integrity that filters through the organisational culture; an endorsement for players worldwide to keep paying their annual subscription that ensures the USBGF remains a non-profit organisation. I know I will!’

Grant Hoffman commented on U.S.Backgammon Federation on Facebook

Grant Hoffman commented on U.S.Backgammon Federation (USBGF)’s video:

‘As a Non American member of the USBGF I believe that if you are serious about improving your Backgammon you NEED to join. Not maybe or could be but absolutely you must join. The magazine is excellent, the videos and all the features are great, no matter how you learn best there is something here for you. This is an unsolicited comment.’

Play65 Supports the US Backgammon Federation

Play65 is happy to support the U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) and to collaborate with its efforts of promoting the backgammon skill game in the United States and worldwide, as live play and online play.

Play65 online backgammon room is proud to join backgammon giants, champions and professional players as a founding sponsor of the US Backgammon Federation, the premier governing body of the game in the United States. The USBGF was founded as a non-profit organization, purposed to promote and regulate the backgammon game, to associate backgammon players of all skill levels and to provide them with further opportunities. Among its missions, the USBGF develops and maintains National Rating System, sets equable rules for fair play, and promotes the education of the backgammon game.

Play65 encourages its members (including non-US residents) to join the US Backgammon Federation, and enjoy special benefits. USBGF members have the right to be included in the National Rating System, plus they get a free copy of the organization’s backgammon magazines, free entries to the USBGF backgammon quizzes and to the USBGF National Championship scheduled to take place online in the spring of 2011.

Visit Play65.

update 01/08/2018