Hugh Sconyers

Hugh has been playing backgammon since 1976.  He won the first tournament he ever entered, the Dallas Mid-America in October of 1976 — a major international event. Having an extensive background in problem solving and computer programming, he developed the complete solution to all possible 15×15 bear-off positions, with all three cube locations.  Among many other endeavors, he also produced the optimum solution to Hyper-gammon, a game identical to regular backgammon but played with three checkers instead of the traditional fifteen (for each side).

Since his first victory in 1976, Hugh has won many tournaments world-wide.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s Hugh owned and operated the Cavendish West Backgammon Club in Los Angeles, California.

Hugh currently lives in Las Vegas.  He continues to play is several tournaments each year.  His most recent victories were 2008 California State Backgammon Championship and 2009 Nevada State Super Jackpot.