Alan Grunwald

Alan was drawn to backgammon in the early 70’s when he played chess at a local NYC club. The screaming and excitment of the backgammon section of the club stood in sharp contrast to the staid atmosphere of the chess section. It was a one way trip and since then backgammon has become a life passion. He has won two ABT tournaments, cashed in multiple others, as well as several Consolation wins, and numerous Masters JP wins, and cashed several times in Monte Carlo, and recently won the consolation in Nice.

Alan runs a small club/chouette in central NJ, and also serves as owner and president of a watch manufacturing firm located in NJ and St. Croix USVI. He has served as Vice President, and also Treasurer, of the American Watch Association, and as well as President of the VI Watch & Jlry Manufacturers Association.

Married to Joan Grunwald for thirty wonderful years, Alan is an ex New Yorker, currently residing in Morganville NJ. Alan’s grown children; Jason, Adrienne, and Nolan are all currently pursuing careers in the arts. It is Alan’s hope that backgammon can be restored to it’s rightful place as the greatest skill-based game in the world. The fact that it requires tremendous study and knowledge, yet anyone can win, makes it that much more challenging for all involved!