Mike Corbett

Mike Corbett is a member of the USBGF Board of Governors and Editorial Advisory Board. He is a long-time member of the backgammon community who has added lecturing and writing to his modest résumé.  His life in Florida with the lovely Danielle Bastarache includes active involvement in poker, scrabble, and tennis tournaments. He believes backgammon is poised for a growth spurt and wants to do his part to see that it happens. A renowned author and wit, he served as Master of Ceremony at the USBGF Tournament of Stars banquet. He is ranked 25th in the all-time American Backgammon Tour ratings, and most recently he won the 2010 Florida Masters and finished first in the consolation in the 2010 Atlanta Spring Classic Championship division. His name has been on the worldwide list “Giants of Backgammon” for many years, and his book, “Backgammon Problems” written in 2007, is already considered a must-have for serious backgammon players. You can purchase his book from Carol Joy Cole’s boutique: http://www.flintbg.com/boutique.html. His entertaining novels Laughter of the Damned and Mr. Nachon’s List are available on www.amazon.com.