A New Website is Coming!

The new USBGF.org website will be easy to use and help you find more opportunities to play, learn, and connect with other backgammon players.   

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash 

Connect with Other Backgammon Players  

As passionate as we are about the game, we are equally passionate about our community. That’s why the new website will help bring backgammon players together at all times – online!     

The USBGF social network will be similar to Facebook but exclusively for backgammon players.  

It will allow you to:  

  • Compose a personalized profile page 
  • Message and connect with other players 
  • Discover friends for casual games 
  • Create and find study groups 

Find What You Need Quickly  

The website will help you find what you need quickly and intuitively.  It will be well organized and work beautifully on both large and small screens.  


Backgammon Central  

Our newly planned event calendar is packed with features that allow you to explore backgammon events and identify learning opportunities. With one click, you can receive reminders and add events to your personal calendar.   

You will find all types of events, including American Backgammon Tour (ABT), local clubs, satellite and qualifier events, international, special events, and learning opportunities.   

Come back to our website during an ABT event to follow live streaming and view online brackets.  


Manage Your Membership 

We are rolling out a modern membership management system that will allow you to easily update, manage and make changes to your membership. Our friendly interface works equally well on your computer or mobile device.    


Backgammon Club Pages  

Players will find the club nearest to them or find one to play in when traveling.    

Each affiliated club will have a page containing its schedule, contact information, venue, and — if using backgames.org — their standings.  


And More Features You Will Love  

Website development is underway, and we will continue to provide you with updates as we get closer to launch. We know you are going to love it.  
This past year has undoubtedly brought many challenges to us all. However, we are pleased to report that the USBGF is moving full speed ahead. Inspired by your overwhelming support, we are busy reinventing ourselves to better execute our mission of advancing backgammon and bringing value to our members.   

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