2019 DENVER OPEN: WILD WEST SHOOTOUT, September 19-22, 2019; Denver, Colorado
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2019 Michigan CJC

OPEN GUNSLINGER (45): 1-Carol Joy Cole (MI), 2-Neil Kazaross (IL); 1C-Bill Riles (TX), 2C-Jim Stutz (CT); 1LC-Sean Garber (IN), 2LC-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 3LC/4LC-Norm Friedman (CA) / Eric Hiner (MN).
ADVANCED WARRIOR (37): 1-Bill Lonergan (NY), 2-Marcy Kossar (MD); 1C-Marston Hefner (CA), 2C-Patty Knapp (MA); 1LC-Ron Bruns (CA), 2LC-Jim Wark (CA).
NOVICE GREENHORN (15): 1-Will Harris (NM), 2-William Reeves (CO); 1C-Chris Savan (CO), 2C-Jessica Minardi (CO); 1LC-Jesus Ibarra (IL).
EARLY SHOOTOUT (28): David Klausa (CO), 2-Patrick Gibson (CA), 3/4-Vera Holley (CA) / Neil Kazaross (IL).
IRON HORSE JACKPOT (12): 1/2-Roberto Litzenberger (VA) / Jonah Seewald (CO), 3/4-Ray Fogerlund (NV) / Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
GUNSLINGER JACKPOT (32): 1-David Todd (MO), 2-Jonah Seewald (CO), 3/4-David Klausa (CO) / Jim Stutz (CT).
WARRIOR JACKPOT (28): 1-Ed Gazvoda (CO), 2-Kevin McDonough (AZ), 3/4-Marston Hefner (CA) / Jim Wark (CA).
DOUBLES SHOOTOUT (26 teams): 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV) & Sue Will (IL), 2-Frank Farjood (CA) & Allen Tish (CA), 3/4-April Kennedy (MN) & Michael Mesich (MN) / John O’Hagan (IN) & Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
SENIOR GUNSLINGERS (64): 1-Jim Wark (CA), 2-Ed Gazvoda (CO), 3/4-Thomas Dapp (MO) / Greg Kurrell (CO).
WOLF BLITZ (64): 1-Marc Emrich (CO), 2-Al Hodis (NV).
GOLD RUSH SPEEDGAMMON (32): 1-Patrick Keene (CA), 2-Sam Ahmed (CA).
1-POINT DUEL #1 (32): 1-Jack Edelson (MN), 2-April Kennedy (MN).
1-POINT DUEL #2 (32): 1-Marc Emrich (CO), 2-Julius High (KS).
LAST STAND AFTER TOURNAMENT (12): 1/2-split: Marcy Kossar (MD) / Roberto Litzenberger (VA).


  1. Another quick side note that should be addressed for future tournaments….

    There was quite a bit of buzz regarding players who should be moved up due to skill or as they call it sandbagging.
    I have heard there is much ambiguity in the decision making, thus my suggestion only.

    IN DOG RACING, They have classes AA, Top dogs, always strong threats to win in all races of best quality
    A Capable of winning any race with best effort, not quite though AA
    B, Good dogs within the level, would rarely win races against AA, but occasionally against A
    C, Dogs beginning career with unknown career classifications or lower level stock

    The dogs are raced in classifications until winning at a level, then upgraded to the next level for a minimum of 5 races. If they win again they are
    moved up another level and if keep winning are kept in A or AA thereafter. If a dog goes from B to A and then is unplaced in 5 straight races, they are brought
    back down to level B, until winning and being raised back to A, or if losing 5 more matches, being allowed to drop to level C again.

    This type of format leaves no judgement other than results in qualified tournaments (RACES). Judgement can be used by individuals to stay in A type levels, but
    cannot stay at lower levels if results prove otherwise at higher qualifications. This format would then take out arguments of judging skills rather than actual results being the clarifying factor with the ability to drop levels when warranted. My two cents worth.

  2. Just a quick note as Art Benjamin pointed this out to me.
    I actually won the Seniors match at Denver.
    BTW: A great tournament Inaugural by Dan and his team!!

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