2018-2019 LCI USBGF Added Money for Local Club Winner + Free ABT Entry for Inter-Club Champion!

We’re pleased to announce that the U.S Backgammon Federation will
again offer provide added money to an annual backgammon club
tournament sponsored by a USBGF Affiliated Local Club of
$5 per USBGF member (a minimum of 8 USBGF members is required).

This added money can be attached to a currently planned local
club tournament or a new event — with the added money serving
as a sidepool for USBGF members. To be eligible, players must
have an active USBGF membership at the time of registration
in the tournament.

The 2018-2019 USBGF Local Club Initiative event can take
place at a time convenient to the director before February 28, 2019.
The format of the tournament is at the discretion of the director.
Please contact Ray Bills, USBGF Membership Director and
Director of the USBGF Local Club Initiative, raybills@usbgf.org
if your club would like to participate.

The winners of local club annual tournaments will compete in an
online USBGF Online Club Championship event with a great prize
— a free entry to any ABT event!

Last year’s prize was won by Gammon Associates winner Gus Contos,
who applied his prize to the 2018 Las Vegas Open. This online
tournament of winners of the club competitions would begin around
March 1. USBGF memberships would need to be active at the time of
registration in the inter-club online championship.

Check out your local club listing and send us any corrections.
Also let us know if you are willing to assist with a USBGF Local
Club Initiative that will develop ideas for helping local club
directors grow the backgammon community.

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