2013 USBGF U.S. and International Collegiate Championship Competition

by Tara Mendicino Tara@usbgf.org and Michael Edge Collegiate@usbgf.org
The deadline for the U.S. Backgammon Federation 2013 U.S. National Collegiate Championship is March 31. This year’s event will be run as a single elimination individual tournament for full- or part-time undergraduate and graduate college students residing and attending college in the United States. International students are invited to enter our accompanying tournament, the 2013 International Collegiate Championship. Entry is free.All entrants must be USBGF Youth members and enrolled at a college or university. Full and at least half-time undergraduate and graduate students may enroll as Youth members, regardless of age.
Scholarship awards and certificates from a $1000 prize pool will be given to the top four placing U.S. individuals and top international winner, and a school prize will be awarded to the U.S. college with the most collective victories of up to three pre-designated players. Plans are also underway for the Collegiate Team USA composed of the top 3-4 U.S. winners of the single elimination tournament to play against a Japanese or other International Collegiate Team. So stay tuned for more details.

Play will begin on April 1 as a single elimination tournament accommodating all registrants. To the extent possible, students from the same university/college will not be paired with each other in the early rounds. The tournament is co-directed by Michael Edge collegiate@usbgf.org, Joe Russell ez2bblue@sbcglobal.net, and Tara Mendicino tara@usbgf.org with the assistance of College Program director Michael Edge collegiate@usbgf.org and Arthur Benjamin, professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and a member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Backgammon Federation Benjamin@math.hmc.edu. Players will be notified of their opponent and deadline for completing match.
The format consists of single 7 point matches in the early rounds with semi-finals and final matches at 9 and 11 points respectively.
USBGF MembershipAny student who is not a current USBGF Youth Member should register online at http://usbgf.org/membership/join/. Payment of $15 Youth dues by PayPal and major credit cards is accepted. Any full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate student may qualify for Youth membership, regardless of age. If you require financial assistance paying the membership fee, please register as a Guest and e-mail Tara Mendicino at tara@usbgf.org to check on the availability of financial assistance. Japanese students should also contact Mochy at mochy@backgammon.gr.jp in this regard.

Scholarship awards will be provided to 1st through 4th place individual U.S. college students and the top international student, and a school prize will be awarded to the top-placing U.S. college. A total scholarship prize pool of $1000 has been committed by the USBGF to this event. The amount and division of the awards will depend on how many college students participate in the event.
College Teams

If three or fewer students from a given college participate, they will automatically constitute the “college team.” If four or more students plan to participate, the first three registered will constitute the first team, the next three the second team, and so on.

As is the case for all USBGF online tournaments, the use of aids such as a backgammon software program, books, or other educational materials or assistance from another person is strictly prohibited. Players are required to submit their recorded matches when they report their win. As required by the tournament directors, matches will be proctored for the semi-finals and final by an individual approved by the College program director.
Venue and Schedule

  • Both the U.S. National Collegiate Championship and International Collegiate Championship will be played on GridGammon. Nicknames will be arranged through a special service free of charge to USBGF members who are not already registered at GridGammon. If you do not have a GridGammon nickname, please see GridGammon New Account Request Form.

Scheduling is flexible, with 10 days allowed for arranging and completing each round.

The tournament directors reserve the right to make modifications to the tournament design as well as the right to exclude participation with no reason required.

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