1st Montreal Open Backgammon Tournament

MONTREAL OPEN BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT, September 14-17, 2017; Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Results from chicagopoint.com

Chris Knapp_2017 Montreal
Photo Karen Davis

OPEN (25): 1-Chris Knapp, 2-Larry Shiller; 1C-John Klein, 2C-Ed O’Laughlin; 1LC-Frank Talbot, 2LC-Mel Leifer.
ADVANCED (28): 1-Liam Henry, 2-Marcy Kossar; 1C-Chen-Fu Yu, 2C-Omar Shah; 1LC-David Kozak, 2LC-Robert Caldwell.
NOVICE (7): 1-Maxime Bilodeau, 2-Estelle Plante, 3-Kian Ghazian.
$500 CONCORDIA JACKPOT (11): 1- Karen Davis, 2-Roberto Litzenberger.
$250 HOCHELAGA JACKPOT (13): 1-Robert Caldwell, 2-Mourad Wahba
QUEBEC DOUBLES (12): 1-Gary Koscielny & Mike Valliere, 2-Estelle Plante & Kathy Weiner.
QUIKIES (32): 1-Roberto Litzenberger, 2-Herb Roman
BLITZ (32): 1-Herb Roman, 2-Garry Kallos.
SENIORS TOURNEY #1:1-Alan Grunwald, 2-John Pirner.
SENIORS TOURNEY #2: 1-Patrick St-Laurent, 2-Karen Davis.
JACQUES CARTIER PRE-TOURNEY (8): 1-Karen Davis, 2-Gary Koscielny.


  1. Garry Kallos says:

    Thank you to all who attended! It was a pleasure to see you all in my city, and I hope you had time to enjoy it.
    A special thanks to Ross Gordon, and his wonderful crew; Ed, Gerhard, and Andy.
    Get ready for the 2nd annual Montreal Open is 2018!

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